It’s refreshing to see the many different niche cultures in Cebu starting to throw their weight around. The guys from Hasi, a premium Filipino jiu-jitsu and mixed martial arts lifestyle brand since 2013, are showing exactly what it is like to live a truly hardcore active lifestyle.

Our new collection of streetwear inspired pieces. Drawing from our influences from our training in the mats to the calligrafitti we see on the streets of Cebu, and even our childhood cartoon heroes — An expression of what makes Hasi a true combat and lifestyle brand.”

Order the Hasi Mat Mafia Season No. 1 on their Facebook page.



Matrat Shirt

Matrat Shirt –
In the tradition of street wear of mixing ideas together. From the box logo that was originally taken from aesthetics of a visual artist and became the base of a shirt that launched a streetwear empire, to the cartoon that started as a parody of a popular comic book: “Nothing is original, everything is a remix”


Stone Ronin Hoodie (front)

Stone Ronin Hoodie (front)


Stone Ronin Hoodie Back

Stone Ronin Hoodie (back) –
“Generally speaking, the Way of the warrior is resolute acceptance of death.” – Miyamoto Musashi
The warrior’s way is a path of stoic and resolute determination. Like a stone statue he is unwielding to the tides of emotion and circumstance, when he has a goal he focuses all his energy to the completion of that goal.


Jiu Jitsu por Hasi Shirt (front)

Jiu Jitsu por Hasi Shirt (front)


Jiu Jitsu por Hasi Shirt (back)

Jiu Jitsu por Hasi Shirt (back) –
The expression of Hasi’s design aesthetic. Fresh. Clean. Classic. This is for every jiujitsu enthusiast who values the basics. Train the sport. Wear the art.


Orasyon 144 Tank Top

Orasyon 144 Tank Top –
“Blessed be the Lord, my Rock, who trains my hands for battle and my fingers for warfare” – Psalms 144
In the Philippines, the martial arts have always been tied to the occult and supernatural. To the mandirigmas, hilots and albularyos this may be in a form of written prayer known as an orasyon. The orasyon is usually scribed on a piece of paper, cloth or written directly on the skin while being whispered. They are used for countering evil spirits or preventing physical harm.
We’ve always been fortunate to work with extremely talented artists and we collaborated with Cebu’s best calligraffiti artist, Janot, to produce this wearable art piece.


Carlo Villarica

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