I just watched the “Making It” Trailer. Hat tip to Jason for sharing the video with me. If you want to own the documentary, you can visit the Making It Pictures website.

The video got me thinking.

Making it in art is hard.

We hear all the time about people who want to be artists. The dream is to make a living doing art. Whether it is in photography, graphic design, comics or music, making it in art is hard. Of course there isn’t a blueprint to success. If there were one, everyone would be doing it.

“To me… ‘making it’ is making money.”

Over the years, we’ve interviewed a few artists we love; John Amor and Kathryn Layno to name a few who are happily toiling away in a life of art. But the vast majority of artists do it part time. Maybe they do it as a hobby or if lucky, as a way to get supplementary income. Unfortunately, here in the Philippines, there doesn’t seem to be many avenues for artists to get good consistent work.

Although, it is good to see art galleries becoming more consistent with new showcases like “She Said” and “Modernist Print Collection”.  

“Everything is upside down right now. The film business is upside down… music business… book publishing. All the rules have gone out the window.”

I could very well be wrong. After all, the world is a small interconnected web of computers now. So here’s something I would like to know. If you happen to be an artist who makes a fulltime living doing art, send us a message. We would love to hear from you. If you are willing to share your story, we would love to have our readers know about you. Many of our readers are artists themselves.

“No one really teaches you how to live as an artist and what you should do in certain milestones of your life”

A while back, we published a letter from one of our readers. He was lamenting how difficult it was to do art in Cebu. If only we could get artists to share their story, so others will know what to do. I’d love to hear from anyone who is making it work. Whether it be music, graphic art, comics, dance, etc., we would love to hear from you.

Calling artists.

Contact us.

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