For this month, ZeroThreeTwo decided to feature a photo blog that sparked our interest. It’s called L O S L O S and has an inappropriate Tumblr handle (loslosnimu). We don’t know anything about it since the site doesn’t have an “About Us” unless “OHLALA HEY BYE” counts as an accurate description.

Here’s what we can say about it. Don’t expect generic photos of happy colorful little butterflies and bokeh’d goodness. This blog has an angsty artsy skatesy film soul. There are a few reblogs, but we suspect most of the photos are taken by the owner. In one of the “ask” posts, the owner states that the camera used is an Olympus MJU Zoom 105, film camera. It doesn’t really matter what camera is used because the photos are genuine and interesting.

If you have any other blogs to recommend, let us know in the comments.

In the meantime, here’s a snippet of our favorite photos from L O S L O S.

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