Lights are out.

There’s a sick rhythm.

Guys face each other.

Hungry for the people’s recognition.

It’s not just fancy word play that keeps this practice going; it’s these guys’ story-telling.

Rap battles have been around for many generations. Yet many people still don’t consider this a mainstream movement. You would think otherwise if you looked at the view count of many of these battles. No idea what we’re talking about? Hit YouTube and search the word Fliptop.

You are in for a treat.

Though rap battles keep its roots underground, some rappers have taken the stage to show people what’s to it. The young MC Marlon “Loonie” Peroramas has become a bonafide sensation. Thanks to the success he has had with YouTube and winning various rap battles, the media has caught on and helped his career hit new ceilings.

Before anything, check out this rap battle featuring Loonie.

Here’s what you need to know about Loonie.

– In highschool, he joined a contest called Rap Public of the Philippines and performed as a group called The Stick Figgas.

– They didn’t win, but he caught the eye of the late Francis M. Loonie became part of his backup crew during gigs for six years.

– He was crowned the Power Emcee 108 Battle Champion in 2004.

– He is the most viewed battle rapper in the world.

– Ultrasound is the name of the upcoming Loonie album.

Catch Loonie live in the UP Cookout 2013.

Loonie 1


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