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It saddens me to report that acclaimed local director Remton Siega Zuasola got kidnapped about a month ago.

Ironically, it happened during an interview about his new movie, Swap – story based on the actual kidnapping of writer/director Remton Zuasola when he was only a toddler. Fortunately, the kidnapping was caught on tape. We urge everyone to watch this in the hopes of discovering the identities of the assailants.





The above incident will cast a dark cloud over the upcoming Binisaya Film Fest. Alas the show must go on with or without Remton. Due to the incident, the details are still being finalized. All we know is that the Binisaya Film Fest will be held by September 2016. Hopefully by then, the whereabouts of Remton will be discovered.

In the meantime, please share the video. We hope this helps the investigation of his kidnapping.

Our prayers go out to his family and friends.



Carlo Villarica

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