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Remember the first time you drove your car? My guess is you’ve felt your share of highs and lows. The first time you drove all your friends around, your first road trip and your first (hopefully minor) accident. It’s funny how quickly things change from having an awesome time to oh shit.

When I finally got my non-pro driver’s license, I was the first among my close group of friends to drive. We had a blast. We were finally free to roam the city wherever we wanted. The first place we drove to was a jaminganan (music practice studio). That also happened to be the first place I scratched the car. As I parked the car, the bottom portion scratched a bump on the road. That’s when we heard the loud screeching from the bottom.

A few days later was my first experience accidentally hurting a fellow motorist. I had to drop my friend of in his house in the Banilad area, but the traffic was really bad. We decided it would be faster if he just walked home. So as we were stuck in traffic, someone (he may or may not be named Mo) opened the car door. At that exact moment, a motorcycle hit the door. He must have been going fast because he got flung out of his seat and over the door. The car door was dented to the point of not closing properly. We quickly got out of the car and checked the driver. His hand was bleeding, but he could get up. We had no idea what to do. The guys just said that he needed to go to the hospital. We couldn’t bring him because of the traffic and he decided it would be faster if he drove himself with the motorcycle. We gave him a few hundred pesos and he went on his way.

That incident left us to ponder many questions, “Were we supposed to give him money? Was that the right thing to do? Was it even our fault?” We didn’t know.

It’s been years since that happened and I still remember it. Why do we always remember the worst of times and forget the best of times? Life is weird that way.

Hopefully, this Zerothreetwo collection reminds you of the special moments on the road. This is one of my favorite collections from Jake. You can pre-order them at a special price from the Assembly Online. The official release will be early May 2015.

PS – These designs deserve a closer look. In the product pages of each shirt, you’ll find a zoomed in version so you can really read the words. 

Pre-order the shirts at the Assembly Online.



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