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Life is a playlist.

I use Spotify’s Discover Weekly and Release Radar to come up with these playlists and they’re pretty handy. However, not all the recommended songs are actually that good. So I have to keep checking every week until I come up with a solid number of songs. On some weeks I’ll find like 3 great songs and then the next week I’ll get nothing.

Life is like that.

One week you can be relaxing on the beach with a cold beer in your hand, then the next week you’ll have a fever and your boss is being an ass.

But it’s all temporary. In the same way the playlists reset every Monday, the tough week also has an expiration date. It may not happen every Monday, but it’ll happen. Just power through the crappy-music-week and wait for the reset to happen.

In case you got nothing this week, here’s a dose of some good music.


Header artwork by Happy Garaje.

Jason Almendras

Zerothreetwo Co-founder | Music Connoisseur | photography enthusiast. Follow @032jason.
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