Back in the day, we had a difficult time skating. Skateboarding was thought to be another fad that the teenagers were into and it wasn’t welcome anywhere. Getting kicked out of every spot was normal. We’d all say, “Man, I wish there’d be a skate park we can all just skate and have no one to hassle us and stuff. That’d be cool.” Soon enough, there were attempts to make this dream a reality, but it had a lot of complications and slowly that dream was fading.


I was now about to graduate from college, haven’t skated since highschool, and was definitely thinking about skating again. I bumped in to one of my skate buddies and he told me about the news. He said that there were rumors floating around, a skate park was on its way. At first, I couldn’t believe it. This was it! The dream would finally be a reality!


With the Cebuano skate community backing them up, Dr. Eugene Neri, a well respected O.G. in the skateboarding scene, together with his family and crew would open the doors of Visioneri Land Skate. Located 45 minutes away from Cebu city in Valleyview Subdivision Mohon, Talisay City, this facility is a Cebuano skater’s paradise. It has everything a skater could ever want. Aside from the usual rails and ledges, skaters could now evolve to other aspects of skateboarding as well. They have manual pads for tech tricks, handrails and hubbas for gnarly stuff.  A five stair and a double set for those who want to go big and not to mention the mini ramp and transitions we’ve always wanted to try. It also has a skate shop inside that caters to skater’s need. Not only did it open the door to new possibilities, but it also gave the skaters a chance to be exposed to professionals from the US and other countries as well.  Companies like DC, DVS and Dwindle distribution are already making tour stops here; something we never thought was possible back in the day. With contests scheduled year round, skaters could test themselves and the skills they developed and have the possibly of  getting sponsored. Overwhelming as it sounds, this was the dream, now a reality.


Skateboarding in Cebu has a bright future and this skate park was definitely a giant step. Who knows, maybe in a few years, companies will have branches here and we’d all look back and say, ”Visioneri started all of this.” I’d love to write more about the park, but this article made me want to skate.

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