“A popular way of dressing during a particular time or among a particular group of people”

That’s how the dictionary likes to describe fashion.

But we all know that it’s much more than that. History has proven that fashion chooses no time or era. It continues to transcend and evolve.

Today, we enjoy a world with unparalleled access to information and an even greater avenue for expression. Blogging has proven to be one of the chief ways to expressing one’s self.

Kymberly Maitland-Smith portraitOur country is home to many prominent fashion bloggers, each distinct in their style and exceptional in their fashion statements. One of fashion’s rising stars, Kymberly Maitland-Smith, is the woman behind the blog Vanilla Addiction.

Armed with good looks and a sense of fashion that is idiosyncratic, Kym is on her way to the top!

She shared some interesting stuff about herself, her style and her blog:

032: Can you tell us something interesting about yourself?

Kym: I believe that Aliens exist. I am obsessed with animals. I do not eat meat (only seafood). I love vegetables. I like to read thriller novels. I can’t stand rude people. I regret a lot of things. My sense of smell is a very powerful memory trigger. I will travel more and I wish I was a Mermaid!

032: What’s the story behind Vanilla Addiction? Is it simply because you are addicted to vanilla?

Kym: That would be a simple interpretation but not at all! I will explain the reason behind the name of my blog starting with Vanilla. I was inspired by the book I was reading at the time, Fifty Shades of Grey. This might be an R-rated response, but Christian Grey described normal sex as vanilla sex – meaning plain and simple sex (no games, no S&M, etc.). In fashion, most people wear what you would call the norm’s style (plain and simple = vanilla).

Now we all know what addiction means; it is a compulsive or obsessive habit that is very difficult to break. Putting these words together, Vanilla Addiction means that I love to dress plainly and simply, however, every day I naturally fight this addiction to follow the norm by using my personal sense of style. Vanilla Addicted describes two different style characters within me; one, being plain and simple, and the other, diverse.

Kymberly Maitland-Smith bathing suit032: How did you get into blogging and who influenced you?

Kym: I first started blogging when I moved back to Cebu in 2011. I didn’t have a lot of friends so I spent a lot of time online, collecting images I liked from art and fashion websites. I then decided to try something new and share my interests online by starting a blog which I named, Studs On Stilts.

After over a year, a couple of my friends, one of them being Slater Young, told me that I should consider taking up blogging as a profession. I had never thought to take up blogging seriously, but I found that I grew to love it and considered it. Since I have a background in Fashion & Design and have travelled around the world, I decided to start a new blog focusing on my passion for style and travel. I named my new blog, Vanilla Addiction.

032: There are a lot of fashion bloggers these days. What makes you stand out?

Kym: Each and every blogger is unique just like each and every person is unique. We each have our own personal taste. What I think differentiates me from other fashion bloggers in the Philippines is that I have lived in eight cities; from Asia to Europe to America, and having had the privilege to travel the world. I believe that it has given me a personal style that has been influenced internationally. I hope that this could influence others.

My blog is also my diary; it includes my outfit of day, photo shoots, fashion and non-fashion events and more. My blog is not conservative and I like to pick clothes in stores that I think most people wouldn’t usually wear. Vanilla Addiction isn’t all about shopping and brands. It’s also about inspiring people and guiding them on how to dress with the clothes they already have, including ideas on how do it yourself (DIY) fashion. I also added Fitness by Vanilla Addiction on my blog!

vanilla addiction032: Who are your top 3 style icons? Why?

Mary-Kate Olsen, because the way she puts an outfit together is unpredictable.

Vanessa Hudgens, because I love the bohemian look.

Diane Kruger because she is elegant, chic and edgy all at the same time.

032:  Describe your style in one word. 

Kym: Nonconformist

032:  If you only had Php 500 to go hunting for your outfit, what would you buy?

Kym: I would buy a jumpsuit or a dress because that already makes an outfit. All you need to add are a pair of shoes!

032: If you had 10 seconds to get dressed on a normal day, what would you wear?

Kym: I would probably grab one of my large tank tops, a pair of tight jeans and wear sandals.

032: What’s a must have fashion item for every woman? 

Kym: Every woman should have a great pair of fitted jeans; they’re easy to dress up and dress down.

Kymberly Maitland-Smith back032: What are your top three rules when styling your outfit? 

Rule #1 Feel comfortable in what you are wearing. Your confidence will show through. When you’re uncomfortable you won’t enjoy your outfit and more importantly, your day.

Rule #2 Make sure what you are wearing fits your body well. Don’t wear anything too small or too big, or something that will alter your body shape for the worse. For example, jeans that push your butt down will make your butt look flat. Get jeans that fit your booty well and makes it look nice.

Rule #3 One of my pet peeves! Wear the right undergarments. If you’re wearing a tight dress that shows through your panty-line, wear seamless underwear or a thong. This really gives your outfit a much cleaner look.

032: What should we look forward to from Vanilla Addiction?

Kym: Let’s just say that Im not stopping at blogging… Stay tuned (wink)

Lightning round!

Paris or London? London

Two piece or One piece? Two piece

Jeans or Shorts? Shorts

Ice cream or Cake? Cake

Boracay or Palawan? Palawan

History or English? History

Smart or Hunk? A smart hunk hehe

Visit her blog at Vanilla Addiction.

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