Dressing up fashionably always requires some talent or skill, a keen eye on mixing and matching, as well as a little risk taking. In fact, I’m sure most, if not all, girls have had that moment of fear when they step out of the house and wonder if their outfit will merit nods of approval or raise questioning eyebrows. As a result, many turn to online fashion blogs to seek advice or learn a thing or two about dressing up. Krystle Uy, the blogger behind Thirsty Thought is no exception.

Popularly known as Kryz, this Cebuana may only be 21 but she has already started making a name for herself in fashion circles, especially with the advent of her blog. In fact, what started out as a project in one of her college classes in the Ateneo de Manila University quickly transformed into a popular fashion blog that people (fashionstas and non-fashionstas alike) religiously follow to check on the latest trends or Krystle’s unique fashion styles. Kryz is also the current Creative Director of What A Girl Wants (a Cebu-based apparel store started by her elder sister) and engages in freelance styling, writing, and modeling under Elite Manila on the side.

Kryz shares on Thirsty Thought’s humble beginnings as it started out as an assignment for a class where she blogged about random Ateneo-related things or funny clothes. “I felt like I had so much to share!” In fact, her blog is called Thirsty Thought because it was initially not about fashion, but she needed a catchy title reflecting how she had so much on her mind to share to the world. And “Thirsty thought” sounded perfect for that. “My first readers were Atenistas, and I guess they noticed that I love dressing up. I got crazy hits unexpectedly and numerous emails requesting me to post outfit shots. That’s when my blog transformed into a fashion blog. I love writing, dressing up (and getting photographed haha!), so why not continue?” In fact, on Thirsty Thought’s first day, it only gathered around 200 hits. But now, it averages 5500-6000 hits daily, with views from all over the world.

The fashion industry has always been a tough industry to get into, yet Kryz seems to fit right in. “I love fashion, I love a challenge, and it seemed to welcome me with open arms!” And although fashion blogging does have it perks, such as opportunities to do features, billboards, magazine covers, TV Interviews, fashion shows, or networking, not to mention the free swag and the ability to inspire followers, it also has its downside. “I was an identity theft victim for months. A scammer pretended to be me selling my stuff, and ripped off so many people. It became such a big deal that my case was featured on GMA News TV and Yahoo News.”

But that’s not stopping Kryz! She describes how her style is very personal. “Bi-polar at times, feminine at one point then edgy the next. I’m very inspired by street style all over the world, so there are millions of looks I’m trying to go for. One thing that stands out is my recent realization that my style is very Italian. No matter what I wear, I try to exude a sexy and confident feel. But then again, that’s bound to change one of these days.”

032: What are the top 5 things in your closet you can’t live without and why?

  • Nude seamless underwear – I loathe VPL (Visible Panty Line).
  • 5-7 inch heels – Because I’m so short, I need it.
  • Basic tanks in all colors for layering.
  • An evening bag – So that you’re appropriate at night and fashionable during the day.
  • Diamond earrings – Just so you feel pretty!

032: What won’t you ever be caught wearing?

CROCS hahaha!

032: Fashion Tips to Aspiring Cebuana Fashionistas?

Experiment, Express, Excite!

And finally, when asked about what she’s most passionate about life, Kryz shares that it’s actually really simple. “Finding happiness in myself and sharing it to other people. I do whatever makes me happy. If one day I wake up and blogging doesn’t do that anymore, then I’ll stop. I don’t search for fame or fortune and my friends can testify to this. I just want to live a life of contentment and happiness.” As for her ambitions for the future, Kryz only hopes to make a respectable name for herself in the fashion industry. And as to what advice she would give to her followers: “Dream big and don’t be afraid to get there.”

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