It’s kind of a necessity for a girl to be interested in fashion. Like me for example, I’m not the girliest girl out there, but I do enjoy the idea of fashion and I like looking at clothes and pairing them up. In Cebu, it’s not necessarily common for people to dress up when going to the mall or to the streets. Usually, we stick to the t-shirt-and-pants-and-I’m-good-to-go routine, so the idea of actually putting effort to our outfits isn’t top of mind. There are a lot to consider like the weather, the thought of overdressing or having people stare at you and what not. But if you’re reading this, then you’re probably just as interested as I am in learning some tips and tricks of dressing yourself up.

I got to talk to one of the fashionistas in Cebu, Kristina Monsanto. She owns an online store called Stitch and the City. I asked her a few questions about dressing up and some tips about fashion, so here’s how it went (I added my own comments and tips as well hihi).

032:Who are your inspirations towards your personal style?

KM: Style Icon Olivia Palermo and Australia-based blogger Nicole Warne since they both have very classy and sophisticated styles.

Everybody has got to have an inspiration or an icon to serve as a goal to dress up. This is a great starting point to really getting into fashion. It’s important to have something to base your style.

032: Where do you usually get your clothes?

KM: Topshop, Forever 21, Cotton On, WAGW (What A Girl Wants), and wherever I find nice clothes. May it be in a bazaar or in the department store. J

It doesn’t really matter where your clothes are from, as long as it suits your style and anything that floats your boat. It may be branded or thrifted. Clothes are clothes. It’s on how you wear them that matter.

032: Can you give tips on basic everyday styling?

KM: Go with something you’re comfortable with. Don’t put on too much. Something classy and something sophisticated. Something that’s you. (and when you wear heels, make sure they’re really, really comfortable).

Comfort is key. When you’re going for an everyday look, fuse comfort and style. Accessorize and play with patterns, adjust your day-to-day look and tweak it here and there.

032: Finally, what advice can you give to those that are interested in dressing-up well and getting in touch with the latest fashion trends?

KM: Fashion doesn’t have to be expensive. You don’t have to buy the most expensive clothes to pull off a good outfit. Just go with whatever comes to your head. Mix and match. Play with your clothes. Look your best with colors, clothes, accessories and more. Read magazines, watch TV shows about fashion, go on the internet and the like… 



Visit her store Stitch the City.

Photo credits Matt Aesthetic.

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