Happy Halloween everybody!

This is our favorite holiday ever! We’ve all got different reasons to love Halloween. For girls, it’s an excuse for nice girls to dress naughty. For guys, we get to look at girls dressing naughtily. That’s what we call WIN-WIN. Like I said, our favorite season ever!

Bruce Lee!

To add spice to an already sultry holiday, we decided to give away Krispy Kreme to Halloween celebrants. ZeroThreeTwo is hosting a little contest. It’s all for fun so tell your friends. Here’s what you have to do:

–          Take a photo of yourself wearing a Halloween costume.

–          Upload it to our Facebook page or email it to info@zerothreetwo.com.

–          We will choose the one with the best costume (if the picture quality isn’t clear or plain sucks, we won’t pick it.)

–          Winner gets a Krispy Kreme GC good for a dozen violently sweet doughnuts in your mouth!

–          The winner and the other entries will be posted as a photo post on our site.

–          Deadline for submissions will be on November 4, 2011. We will be choosing winners soon after.


So what are you waiting for? Go to our Facebook page and upload a photo or email it to info@zerothreetwo.com.

Don’t know what to dress up as? Check out this link for inspiration. Just don’t expect to win, but at least it should be good for a laugh.

TIP: Aside from all the parties, you might want to check out Paradise Village in Banilad. They have the best trick-or-treating in Cebu. The residents get into the ghoulish spirit of things, dress the houses, and give out candy. If you have a kid, it is really worth the PHP 200.00 entrance fee.  Go there at around 4pm so as not to miss out on the fun.

Happy Halloween!


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