Hey everyone! It’s almost Christmas! Can you believe it? In less than a month we will be sleeping to the sounds of merry making and Santa falling off the roof. So have a Merry Frickin’ Christmas! Enjoy the holidays and take it easy on yourself because celebrating can be tiring too.

Christmas is a time to be thankful and to start we would like to officially thank our interns! Thank you Lorraine, Yin and Ralph! You guys have been awesome! We hope you enjoy all the free stuff we promised, especially the food. Christmas came early for those three. Their contributions will be coming out soon. Keep posted.

Like most of you, we’ve got a lot of shopping to do. You better start right now. In line with that let us point you to the right direction. We are officially releasing our Know Your Code shirt (look at picture). We’ve always wanted clothing that represented our love for Cebu without being too obvious. Since we couldn’t really find any, we figured we’d make our own.

Be proud of who you are. Be proud of where you are from. Wear your pride. For orders and more details, click here.

Without further ado, here’s what you missed on the 032.

–          Have you seen the giant Woody in Talamban? That’s the Ranch.

–          Home grown café Tablea is growing up.

–          Islands Stay Hotel – affordable no frills hotel.

–          Looking for the best value for money pochero in Cebu? Ekit’s Foodhaus.

–          Miss Cebu officially introduced all the contestants to the media. Here are all the Miss Cebu 2012 Contestants.

–          Speaking of Cebuanas, they all know about the Forever 21 opening.

–          Ever noticed that Cebu tweets about food a lot? Ya they do.

–          Congratulations to Rescue a Hero for a successful album launch! (I’m in the band and basically congratulated myself. Narcissistic, I know.)

–          Join our Sumo Sam GC giveaway!

–          We were lucky to get pics taken with the Mayor Rama and Marvin Agustin

–          We updated SM Seaside City post.

–          032 was lucky enough to contribute to Where At Cebu. Grab a copy.

–          Have you seen the Christmas Village in SM?

–          We were luck enough to be invited to the Shuffle: Medlympics Afterparty.

–          Remember Ian Caniga? He won the tournament!

–          Free books at Fully Booked!

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Merry Christmas!

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