Here’s an age old problem.

You invited all your friends for a good tagay session in your house. It’s a romping good time with everybody leaving in a daze except for the designated drivers. Gotta stay safe of course.

As everyone leaves you have all these bottles of empty liquor in your house. You do as you always do. You collect all the empty bottles and place it in the back. That’s when you realize that you’ve got tons and tons of those bottles from previous drinking sessions stashed in the back.

What are you going to do with them?

Here’s a suggestion.

It’s almost Christmas. Why don’t you give them away?

Wait… Don’t give away the empty beer bottles to your friends. That would be weird.

Do a little DIY work first. You can make those bottles into hand crafted recycled glasses.

Here’s a video to explain what those glasses look like:


Pretty cool right?

You don’t make glasses like this by cutting up the glass yourself with a hacksaw. Don’t do that! That’s crazy dangerous.

We recently discovered the Kinkajou Bottle Cutter. It’s a nifty little device used for cutting bottles. It’s easy too. You can cut a bottle and make it into a glass in about a minute.

Here’s a video of someone doing just that:

See. No need to go over budget buying all your friends stuff. Give them a whole bunch of cool beer glasses.

You can get the Kinkajou Bottle Cutters in the Assembly Online or at the Assembly in JY Square.


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