Kasadya sa SRP is a concoction of carnival rides (even a few really sketchy ones), game booths, mini bazaars and food stalls. Hosted by the Cebu City Government, it usually starts early in December and runs until the end of February. I think it has gone on annually for about five years now.

The first time I went was last year (2015) and was able to take interesting photos. This year I wanted to try something different and decided to go on late February to avoid the crowd. I noticed that the number of visitors tended to taper off after the Valentines season.

Usually when I look at photos of carnivals, I see chaotic scenes of people, bright lights and rides all in fast motion. I wanted to avoid this in my photos. I went there near dusk (the “Golden Hour” as photographers would call it), an hour or two before any rides were open. The light at SRP around this time was AMAZING!  I wanted to show the calm solitude and sometimes creepy post zombie apocalyptic sense of the place when there was a total absence of humanity. The geometric shapes and shadows were just lovely there. Everywhere I looked, there were interesting scenes to be framed and shot. While walking around and shooting photos, there was a feeling of abandonment from the empty rust laden rides, but at the same time I also felt a sense of peacefulness.




















Rafael Gandi

French fries lover | web developer | photographer.  Follow @rafaelgandi.


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