Dogs are a man’s best friend.

I couldn’t agree more.

Dogs show us that loyalty is a value that still exists. It’s possible to live in a world free of betrayal (at least in a man-dog relationship). There are many stories about heroic acts by dogs. Don’t expect this plot line to ever go out of style.

I am a dog lover myself! The best part of having dogs is at the end of a long tiring work day. Seeing my dogs excited to welcome me home makes all the stress go away.

Not all dogs are created equal. Some dogs are smarter than the rest. They can understand you to the point of almost being human. There is no limit to what dogs can do especially with the right training. I was fortunate to get an interview with Jojo Bautista. He is known for his work on training dogs and other animals.

Get to know the Cebu Dog Trainer on his interview with us!

032: Can you introduce yourself?

Jojo: I am Jojo Bautista, a dog trainer. I used to work as an animal trainer for a private zoo. I trained orangutans, tigers and birds of prey. After my stint there, I went back to my true passion, dog training.

032: How did you end up doing that?

Jojo: Well, I got annoyed when I saw a video of a K9 group in Manila. They were charging people 15k (which is RIDICULOUS) just to teach a dog to sit, I figured I’d make a training video myself and see if it picks up. It did.

032: Are you doing it fulltime or as a hobby?

Jojo: Technically, yes although I think of it as a fulltime hobby.

032: Tell us about the first dog you ever trained.

Jojo: Her name is Padi. Yes, the name came from the diving association since I scuba dive. She is a Jack Russel mix and is now 8 years old. She was very easy to train and has a very good nose. Whenever I had drinking sessions with friends way back in college, I would have them hide a Red Horse Bottle Crown for Padi to search. She would always find it – even if they buried it under the gravel. Looking back, I can’t imagine how I was able to teach her that with my little knowledge on dog training at the time.

jojo bautista and dogs032: Have you always been a dog lover?

Jojo: Can’t say I was but we’ve always had a dog growing up. The key thing I guess was my mom taught us how to take care of the animal. We didn’t have maids so we did the bathing and feeding ourselves.

032: Why did you decide to start training dogs?

Jojo: It actually started as a joke, my friends used to tease our boardmates that our dog Padi goes to school. So in a way, I got suckered in to researching about dog training.

032: How many dogs do you have? Their breeds and names?

PADI –  Jack Russel Mix

KYRA GRACIE – Golden Retriever

JOEY – Adopted Labrador. I learned so much in training because of him. He is my guinea pig for methods I want to experiment. He is awesome!

INDAY – Rescued dog from the street by a good friend

JONATHAN – Inday’s son, we don’t know who his father is.

NANA – Pitbull, a gift from the president of our training club in Manila

BAJI – Belgian Malinois, my Competition dog

MIMI – Baji’s sister

8 cats – all named MIMING by my son. Hehe

dogs and jojo on the beach032: Is there a specific breed of dogs that are easier or more difficult to train?

Jojo: Any food driven dog can be trained. This means a dog who likes to eat just about anything even when full. The fearful ones are the most difficult since they need to conquer their inner demons first before you can do trick training.

032: Is it possible for anybody to just train their own dogs? Any tips?

Jojo: Yes, times have changed. You can look up almost anything on Google now. It isn’t like the 70’s when secrets were passed down from father to son. Just be patient and don’t push your dog to do something he isn’t comfortable doing yet.

032: What are the basic tips in taking care of dogs?

Jojo: In every seminar I give, I always emphasize the value of playing with your dog. One reason dogs run away from home is because their owners are boring. Some dogs would rather hook up with a random dog in the streets than stay with their master. People think that it’s enough to feed them pricey dog food then lock them up in cages.

032: If we want to have our dogs trained, how can we reach you?

Jojo: People can go to my FB page: CEBU DOG TRAINER. That should give them an idea of the kind of training I provide. They should check it before hiring me.

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