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When we see someone at the top of their industry, we often look at the highlights. We’re blinded by the glitz and the glamour, and we miss out on the trials and tribulations.

Jason Magbanua, renowned wedding videographer, gave us a glimpse of his story in a tweet storm lamenting on how difficult it was in the beginning, how no one saw the value of a wedding video, and how he persevered to get to where he is now.

We have this guy to thank for Jason’s rant.


I learned a lot just reading Jason Magbanua’s tweets. I’m going to make a few assumptions on his story, and I hope he doesn’t take it the wrong way. I just thought it would be nice to highlight his journey through his tweets.

Here’s what I learned from Jason Magbanua’s SDE Rant:

Started from the bottom now we’re here.

It’s almost cliche, but it’s true. Everyone has to start somewhere. He was literally in the bottom of the videography ladder. Like any ladder worth climbing, it’s a long way up.

Put your art into it.

It’s easy to forget that no one took wedding videos seriously, not even the wedding videographers back in the day. He looked at the wedding landscape and found it wanting. People who shot wedding videos back then didn’t approach it with a sense of artistic integrity.

It takes years.

According to his tweet, he started selling wedding videography in 1999, but that doesn’t take into account the years it took honing his craft and gaining confidence to offer it as a service.

Say yes.

Even then, it took a full four years before he ever did a Same Day Edit (SDE), which I’ll assume was the game changer. Ironically, it wasn’t even his idea. He was asked to do something he had never done before. The lesson here is – if you have the confidence, say yes, just make sure to deliver. Obviously, Jason delivered.

Roll with it.

There are moments that change lives. It may not seem like it at the time, but those who know how to look for it can take advantage. These moments don’t just randomly appear, it only comes after years of hard work, years of failing and trying again.

Love what you do.

Put your heart into what you do. For Jason, you can see that it isn’t just a job. He is proud to be called a wedding videographer. It shows in his videos and even in the way he talks about his industry.

That’s what I learned reading Jason Magbanua’s tweets. The whole tweet storm is worth the read. Click the tweet below and read the rest on Twitter.


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