Watching the news these days scares the hell out of me. It’s scarier than the Conjuring! Unfortunately, it seems like our country is writing a dark chapter in our history.

From the endless floods paralyzing the capital to the recent water accidents in Cebu, dismaying news just keeps pouring out.

But the news that has awakened the angst of many Filipinos is the Pork Barrel Scam involving the now household name, Janet Napoles.  We’ve grown up to believe that corruption is an issue that has never or could never be addressed.

Janet Napoles is currently the face of corruption in the Philippines.

There are a lot of things to say and share about this issue. Every Filipino citizen is a victim of this scam. It’s only right that we seek justice for the injustice done to us. Zerothreetwo asked a few people the question:

As a concerned citizen of the Philippines, what are your thoughts and feelings about the recent Pork Barrel Scam? Daryl

The pork barrel scam.. Umm, it’s such a shame. It’s such a shame that we have to wait for this day and age to finally have the courage to face this issue. For all this time, we knew that there are problems pertaining to our trusted officials’ pork barrel, but we allowed ourselves to be blinded for too long. I have 2 concerns here:

(1) So many officials had the opportunity to investigate this issue  way before Napoles, but none made a move. There were too many useless NGOs who made money out of this pork barrel thing, but none made sure the NGOs existed. The possible reasons for keeping this whole thing secret could be: a) the officials are indifferent, b) the officials are too busy, or c) the officials have their own secrets too.

(2) In the world of the adults, this is an issue beyond values already. This is no longer about honesty, etc. Obviously, there are many other things involved. But that is in the world of the adults. How about the children? This will create an impact to our children. The youth will have a declining sense of sins.Thatis something we would not want.

– Daryl Bihag, JCI Womandaue president




I feel strongly disappointed with the people involved in this scam. Billions of pesos could have helped a lot of poor Filipinos and solved many of our country’s problems. 

Greed is one of the deadliest sins and obviously, a lot of our so-called “leaders” have succumbed to it. 

– Karen Balgos, Administrative Assistant   Anne



Honestly, when I first heard about the Janet Lim-Napoles and the ‘Pork Barrel’ Scam Issue I said to myself, “That’s not surprising.” It’s a fact we deal with every day.

But of course, it angers you as a Filipino when you think about the lavish properties owned by the people involved.  Now that Napoles is on the run, it still feels like there’s a conspiracy. As what De Lima’s said, Napoles has eyes and ears in the DOJ. At this point, I can no longer hope or trust anyone working in any government agency and I agree with the trending shoutout now: Abolish Pork Barrel!!

– Anne Booc, Internet Marketing Specialist

What about you? What are your thoughts and feelings about the recent pork barrel scam?

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