If you didn’t feel like waking up at 3am, braving the rain, walking through mud, waiting without much sleep and still want to know what it was like to spectate the Cobra Iron Man 70.3 2013 Cebu leg, here ya go.

Let’s get the usual details out of the way.

The Cobra Iron Man 2013 was held in Shangri-La’s Mactan Resort and Spa. About 2000 participants swam 1.9km through jagged waves, biked 90km by going to Talisay twice and ran 21km to the tip of Punta Engano.

The top 5 finishers were:

(1)   Courtney Atkinson

(2)   Pete Jacobs

(3)   David Dellow

(4)   Chris Macca McCormack

(5)   Brent McMahon

Iron Man 70.3 Cebu

As you can see, Iron Man 2013 was packed!

We had to do a few Mission Impossible type things to get in the hotel. These things… we cannot share. But we did witness the Noy Jopson breakdown.

noy jopson iron man cebu 2013

Noy Jopson seemed like he wasn’t going to finish the triathlon. Something happened to his bike. It looked like he had a problem with the tire.

He was visibly upset. We didn’t think he would push through with the race. At first, he looked defeated, but he collected himself and got a spare from a helpful participant. He fixed his tire and continued on.

Considering that Noy was vying for a good finish, you can understand his frustration.

Courtney Atkinson iron man cebu

All in all, it was a fun event.

As usual with events of this magnitude there were lots of celebrities and good fun to be had. Enjoy the pics we handpicked off Instagram.

Stay healthy!

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