We’ve said this before, but it deserves repeating.

One of the reasons we started ZeroThreeTwo was to showcase local talent.

Every now and then, we get submissions through our inbox. We love it when people send us articles and photo essays. Those submissions help immensely with keeping the site alive and kicking.

This time it was different. We were delighted to find a budding graphic artist excited to submit shirt designs for the ZeroThreeTwo clothing brand. Bon “Bonito” Gimarino sent us a message with a link to his portfolio. Looking at his work, he was worth a meeting. That meeting turned to two awesome designs, the Queen City and We Built This City shirts.

Here’s an in depth interview with the man. Ladies and gentleman, Bonito Gimarino.

portrait1032: Hey Bonito! Introduce yourself. What should our readers know about you?

B: Hello, I’m Bon Gimarino, also known to the world as BONITO. I’m a graduating student from USC – TC, taking up Fine Arts major in Advertising Arts, 21 years old, skinny, and always wearing a cap. I’m the crazy kid who loves designing for bands and brands. I’m childish and immature, that’s why people hire me because my ideas are stupid. I draw a lot and enjoy art very much. I love to eat onion rings and drink a lot of softdrinks. Sparkle is the best drink for me.

032: Who have you designed for?

B: I’ve done a lot of designs especially for local brands. These include Drop Decay, Loonie, Rhipstop, Cerdo, Turbohectic, Blanc Magazine and, of course, ZeroThreeTwo.

032: You ended up designing for us because you sent a message on our fanpage with a link to your portfolio. We loved the portfolio and set up a meeting. What advice can you give to people who want to be able to design for brands?

B: For the people who want to design for brands, never be afraid to show your work. Most people will tell you that you suck. That’s true. Just continue being a sucker and never give up. People will then hire you because you love what you are doing. That’s what is important. Do what you love, love what you do.

032: Who influenced you to become a designer?

B: Great artists of Cebu, Nicolo Nimor of Nick Automatic and Chad Manzo of Scars influenced me during my early years of being a designer. I learned a lot just looking at their designs. For now, I’m learning a lot from my mentor, Ken Onozawa of Rhipstop.

HIGH FIVE! - Ronni Thomsen (UK)032: Who are your favorite international graphic designers?

B: For international artists, my favorites would be Derek Deal, Godmachine, Shephard Fairey and Mike Giant.

032: With the ZeroThreeTwo designs, how did those come about?

B: I was very eager to work for ZeroThreeTwo because I knew this was somewhere I could express my love for Cebu and how I’ve embraced much of its culture and lifestyle.

The first design, Queen City, was something I thought of that would best describe Cebu. Obviously it came from the Cebu’s title, Queen City of the South. The design was formed with a vintage style – a crown symbol. It speaks of Cebu’s global domination throughout the years.

The second design, We Built This City, had a funny beginning. I was listening to the song, We Built This City by Starship while riding a jeepney. I felt the good vibes as the air was passing through me and just thought it was appropriate for ZeroThreeTwo.

032: How would you describe your design style?

B: I can’t really determine my style, but I guess it’s the messiness and imperfections of my work. I find it beautiful when everything is imperfect. It’s ironic, but I guess being imperfect makes my artwork perfect for me.

DROP DECAY - VJ Chino and Francis Brew of The Dawn032: When you graduate, what do you plan to do?

B: I haven’t really thought of it, I’m focusing all my plans on just graduating. I guess I would travel a lot and enjoy the paradise beach, even though I don’t know how to swim. Haha! I’m also thinking of going back to the band life. Then maybe I’ll be managing my own brand by then.

I’d like to have a shirt brand that would be wearable for musicians and everyone in the music scene. I’d love to see people wearing these on gigs or even have bands wearing them during their shows. It would be a brand rooted on its influence of music.

032: So a new brand is in the works? What would the name of the brand be? Have you thought that far ahead? Why musicians?

B: I’d really prefer this not being mentioned as this is still being planned.

But anyway, the brand’s name would be BRAIVE. It’s a brand rooted from the pop-punk culture. And yes, I’ve been thinking of this for a while now. The music scene really influenced me just by watching bands play. I feel like that is where I belong, I don’t know a lot of people, but I always feel welcome every time I go to gigs. That’s why the brand goes out to musicians.

Looks like the future is bright. We at ZeroThreeTwo are looking forward to the start of BRAIVE. This is just the beginning for Bonito. There are many more things to come.

Many thanks friend.

*Photography by Sharrah Mae Del Castillo, Kenneth Dagatan.  



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