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Let me tell you more about me and a chronological overview of my musical history.

I grew up in the nineties. As far as I can recall, my love for music started when I was Grade 5 or 6. The songs that I had on rewind/play were Bone Thugs N Harmony’s Crossroads, Dead Eye Dick’s New Age Girl and the Cranberries’ Zombie. Pretty weird mix of genres if you ask me. But a surprisingly clear picture of my future taste in music.

Then high school came and I joined a band. Korn, Silverchair, RATM, Limp Bizkit, and Incubus were all the rage then. Playing drums for a band with this type of music solidified the Rock n’ Roll in me.

Up next, college (this is circa 2005.) Emo took off and we were all emoting to Dashboard Confessional, Jimmy Eat World, and Paramore. Over the following 5 years, I slowly discovered new and unique sounding bands. This is the time I started listening to MuteMath, Kings of Leon, and Minus the bear.

Finally, present day. With Spotify I’ve been able to access an incredibly immense catalog of music. I’ve found so many new artists and songs, I don’t always remember who sang what. Fresh Tunes Friday is an attempt to not only share what I’ve been listening to, but to pay homage to the artists that keep me company.

So that’s that. My history of music listening.

I hope you enjoy the playlist!



Happy Garaje artwork inspired by “Swim” by Valley


Jason Almendras

Zerothreetwo Co-founder | Music Connoisseur | photography enthusiast. Follow @032jason.
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