When a friend of mine privately released his comic book on Facebook, I sent him a message and asked if he would like to give other people the opportunity to discover his work. He’s a homegrown prolific comic artist who has been featured on this blog before. Normally, the intro to most of our blog posts about an artist describes them in some fashion. Fortunately, I’ve been spared the legwork and don’t need to say much. His personality is littered all over the comics – sarcastic, witty and, at times, down right touching. These are the comics of iMBry.


1 iMBry 2 iMBry 3 iMBry 4 iMBry


This month Bry released a physical (it’s out of the web!!) comic book called “iMBry Ver. 2.0: A Sardonic Webcomic.” It’s a 600 page book full of the Bry madness. Only 100 copies have been printed. Each book is numbered and signed by the artist. The new book is 6×6 inches and over 1 inch thick with a gorgeous hand bound hardcover and dust jacket, worthy of any book lover’s shelf.

You can purchase the book at the Assembly Online or at the Assembly JY Square.

iMBry book

This is what the book looks like. Only 100 pieces printed.

iMBry book 2

A closer look.

IRL Bry. If you see him in the mall or something, say hi. It’ll freak him out.

iMBry books

“All the books I’ve ever published since 2004. You’d think the hardest part would be the books’ content but for me, the hardest part was dealing with the printers.” – iMBry

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