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A few weeks ago, we were invited to a unique art exhibit called “If Not Now”. The concept was to match a figurative painter with a local music artist. The painter was to create something inspired by a piece of music. This collaboration between artists produced results that were interesting to say the least.

Not only were you able to visually see the art, but you could also take a step back and listen to the music that inspired it.

We couldn’t help but reach out to the group. We wanted permission to publish some of the paintings and the corresponding music on the site.

Fortunately, they said yes! So here it is.

Premier art space Qube Gallery and independent record label 22 Tango Records stage their first collaborative exhibit in the 2nd floor of the Henry Hotel in One Paseo, Maria Luisa Road, Banilad, Cebu City. Directed by esteemed young artist, Golda King, the group show entitled “If Not Now” reveals the artistic representations of 15 figurative painters who have taken inspiration from the music composed by 12 song writers. A testament to the synergy ignited in both creative scenes, the partnership of musicians and artists share a maker’s process that highlight sentiment and experience as the drive for expression.

Show director Golda King gathered realist painters and linked each of them to a musical piece chosen by 22 Tango Records founder, Cattski Espina. These songs are available on Spotify and Apple iTunes.

The exhibit was built around the simple concept of opportunity knowing no patience, making the audience realise that, indeed, we are given now (and only now) to make the most of our existence. “If Not Now” poses as the question to life’s possibilities and its urgencies in a world of fleeting moments — challenging human freedom, capacity, and eagerness.

IF NOT NOW is on view until December 9, 2016. For inquiries on the art, email or call +632 261 0696.

“Breathe” by Cattski and Jose “Kimsoy” Yap Jr.

“Breathe” by Cattski and Jose “Kimsoy” Yap Jr.

“Cycles” by The Labrats and Reynan Dingal

“Cycles” by The Labrats and Reynan Dingal

“Chasing Happiness” by Vincent Eco and Gigi Ocampo

“Chasing Happiness” by Vincent Eco and Gigi Ocampo

“Unraveling” by Ella Melendez and Celso Pepito

“Unraveling” by Ella Melendez and Celso Pepito


“Stuck” by Ella Melendez and Darby Vincent Alcoseba

“Stuck” by Ella Melendez and Darby Vincent Alcoseba



Here’s the full list of artists displayed in the exhibit:

Song Title/Artist                                                                    Visual Artist

“Save It For A Sunday” by Jessica McYorker                          John Dinglasa

“Chasing Happiness” by Vincent Eco                          Gigi Ocampo

“Skin” by Womb                                                                      Ronyel Compra

“Blue” by Valere                                                                     Mark Belicario

“Breathe” by Cattski                                                   Jose “Kimsoy” Yap Jr.

“Unraveling” by Ella Melendez                                              Celso Pepito

“Seafarer” by Mary Anchit                                                     Melver Quijada Mercado

“Never Too Late” by Wonggoys                                             Ariel Caratao

“Cycles” by The Labrats                                                          Reynan Dingal

“Sleepyhead” by Womb                                                          Intoy Corpin III

“Stuck” by Ella Melendez                                                       Darby Vincent Alcoseba

“Save Someday” by Lourdes Maglinte                                   Emar Lacorte

“The Cure” by The Labrats                                                     Joel Ray Pellerin

“Monsters” by Cattski                                                             B’dict Climaco

“Wanted” by Martina San Diego                                            Joan Florido






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