“Cebu eyed as next cruise ship hub” – SunStar

Sounds good right? More tourists mean more and better opportunities for locals like you and me.In the article, this stuck out to me.

“Yes, we do want to be included in the map of international cruise ships. But right now, we have some problems with the port area. But the Cebu Port Authority is looking into that. They are looking at another place or another town very near Cebu City to transfer all of these cargo ships so that we can allow the Cebu International Port, or Pier 6 to really concentrate on cruise liners,” Montecillo said.

It was unclear what problems Montecillo was talking about, but I immediately thought of the trash problem in our ports. Have you ridden a boat lately from any of our piers? On trips to Bohol, I usually port in the Cebu City Pier One Terminal. It pains me every time I look at the water. Sad to say, it is filthy. There’s trash floating all over the Mactan Channel. It’s embarrassing really.

Unfortunately, this rings true for not only Cebu, but the whole Philippines.

“The Philippines has among the highest trash collection rates in Southeast Asia yet it’s the world’s 3rd biggest source of plastic leaking into the ocean.” – Rappler

Not only can you find all sorts of plastics floating around the pier, one time there was an actual dead bloated pig floating in the middle of the water. At least I think it was a pig. The head wasn’t facing me so I couldn’t really make it out. Let’s just say it seemed like a four legged creature the size of a pig. I’ve even got a photo of it.

weird floating thing


So not only do we have plastics, styrofoam and general trash floating in the water near our piers, we’ve also got weird creatures nonchalantly ignored. This got me thinking, “Who is in charge of cleaning up our waters? Is it the coast guard? The port authority?”

If the Department of Tourism (DOT) wants to make Cebu a cruise ship hub, they should do something about the trash problem. Please forward that Rappler article to them. The article did a good job explaining suggestions from the study on how to improve the waste problem in the Philippines.

People at a cruise obviously love the sea. Wouldn’t it be embarrassing if the first thing they saw upon entering our shores were plastics in the water? Or worse, a weird four legged creature?

Carlo Villarica

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