I got a text.

“Yo. Air Supply’s gonna be playing in Cebu. It is somewhere in Lutopan.”

After a bit of Googling (Lutopan is one of the 38 barangays in Toledo City), the cynic in me thought:

Air Supply.

In a city 40km away from Metro Cebu?

This must be a joke.

You can’t blame me for being skeptical. So when we confirmed the concert in a newspaper, my posse and I decided to go. It was a last minute decision. We got hold of General Admission tickets, buying them from my friend’s parents who live near the CCC Center Grounds where the concert was held.

Lutopan is about 1 ½ hours from Metro Cebu. We arrived there late so we only caught two songs from Aiza Seguerra. The other guest was Christine Fernandez, another local singer. The concert was already packed; this forced us to scoot over at the far end of the grounds. After Aiza finished her last song, we felt the audience hush up to meet the legendary duo.

Their entrance was very dramatic, first the lights dimmed; smoke came out of the stage – then, BAM! Graham Russell and Russell Hitchcock came out belting the chorus to Just As I Am, with the audience singing along! Mr. Hitchcock could still belt it out like the good old days; it took me a few seconds to realize that I wasn’t listening to the radio. The screams almost drowned out their voices, but the rest of the crowd helped in singing the chorus.

Their set list was amazing; obvious favorites, like Here I Am, The Power Of Love, Lost In Love and their best one (for me!), Goodbye. They included only one new song, A Little Bit More – which I have to say – is very considerate of them. It’s annoying when artists focus on their current/upcoming albums, when half of the set list consists of new songs, which people can’t sing along to.

As mentioned, we only got General Admission tickets so even with a powerful zoom camera; we still ended up with very crappy photos. So we recorded videos of us singing along to almost all the songs, just like karaoke. But just after they sang Goodbye, Graham Russell, in his sexy Australian accent, pointed to our section and said very casually, “Well, you guys over there, why don’t go come on over here?” We ended up really close to the stage as the crowd cramped the VIP section.

They had only one more song to sing.

I’m All Out Of Love

Everybody sang along with their hands up in the air, pouring out their love for the band and this awesome song.

It was an epic night.

Just when I thought it would never end, we all had to say goodbye.

Here I am wishing there could be a little bit more, but that would be a sweet dream.


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