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Every now and then, we like to remind our readers (You!) that you can submit your articles to Zerothreetwo. We even made a submit page with an FAQ. If there are any writers or photographers interested in contributing to Zerothreetwo, reach out to us.

The most common question I get when people ask about writing for Zerothreetwo is, “What do I write about?” I usually tell them to write about something that interests them. As you may have noticed, we don’t like to publish stuff for the sake of just putting up sucky content. Whenever we post a blog post, it has to answer at least one of these questions.

– Does it help the reader?

– Does it allow the reader to discover something new?

– Is it entertaining?

If the answer is YES to any of those questions, we publish it. But if you still don’t know what to write about, I’ll give you a few categories and examples of the type of stuff we’re talking about. I looked through many of the articles on Zerothreetwo, many of them have underlying themes that makes it all fit together.


woman typing on a laptop photoYou can categorize most everything we post in this list below:


Initially, I was thinking I would have to describe the meaning of the word art. Frankly, the Wikipedia entry was not satisfying (Art is a diverse range of human activities and the products of those activities, usually involving imaginative or technical skill.) I recently wrote an article about art that better represents my thoughts on it.


This blog started as a food blog. We don’t see any reason to stop sharing good eats around our city. If you’ve visited a place that you feel more people should know about, we would love to share it to our readers. There are plenty of blog posts about restaurants in our EAT/DRINK section.

Clothing brands

Our coverage of local clothing brands is a relatively new initiative. In retrospect, we don’t know what took us so long. One of my personal problems growing up was not having a clothing brand that meant anything to me. Our site can help people find brands that suit their particular lifestyle. The most recent brands we’ve covered as of this writing are: Strap, Swamp Monster, Glitchgrafiks and of course, Zerothreetwo.


Occasionally, there are issues worth writing for and people whom we respect have strong opinions. For example, a few months ago Sunstar CDO published a controversial blog post titled, “How to Spot a ‘Fake’ Hands-on Mom.” A friend of ours had a very timely response which we couldn’t resist publishing on our site.


Obviously, you can categorize everything here as life. These aren’t strict categories, but I couldn’t think of a better word to describe these articles, ’Friends’ You Should Unfriend, What Walking in Crutches for 6 Weeks Taught Me and Valuable Lessons You Learn When You Go Through a Breakup. We’d like to hear about your life experiences as well.


Whenever we write about travel, we don’t want it to be, “I went here and here and here. Look at all these pictures!” As mentioned above, it has to answer one of the fundamental questions, “Is this helpful to the reader?” Hopefully, our travel section can help you in that respect and we hope your submissions do also.


Another new aspect that came out in 2015 has been our movie reviews. If there’s a movie worth watching, you can expect a review on Fridays. Recently, our ever reliable movie reviewer Stefan has published reviews of Me and Earl and the Dying Girl and the ever popular Heneral Luna.


Of course, we can’t talk about Zerothreetwo topics without touching on music. There are plenty of very talented musicians in our shores. We would love to publish more articles on the local scene. The people behind 22 Tango Records are doing a great job keeping the scene lively and fresh.


Astute followers of the blog will note that we have a weekly photography series called Through the Lens. It comes out every Saturday and features a different group of photographers every week. We’re happy to have these photos on our pages. It’s also a great opportunity to discover talented artists. The opportunity to have more photography in the site is always welcome.

Many of the writers on staff started out by submitting their work on Zerothreetwo. We’ve kept them along on a regular basis. In the coming months, you’ll learn more about the writers who regularly contribute to Zerothreetwo.

Want to write for us?

Send us an email.


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