Mayday! Shift Just Got Real UP Cookout 2014 is coming. In this groundbreaking, earth-shattering, and nerve-wracking moment, you need to be armed and ready.

*Editor’s note: The UP Cookout is a grand tradition that happens every year. It started in the 70’s as a small get together, literally a cookout with friends. It has grown to become a yearly festival of sorts. Here’s a peek into the history of the Cookout. This year, the UP Cookout will be held in the UP School Grounds on October 24, 2014. 

Here’s what you need to do to prepare for the apocalypse a.k.a. UP Cookout 2014, soldiers!

Store your supplies.

By this, I mean store energy. Expect UP to go berserk, you will need tons of energy to survive the night. You have to be ready to be awake until the dawn.

A good amount of sleep, 8 maybe 10 hours, would be ideal.

Gear up, trooper!

Think about it. Foresee yourself on the battlefield. Whether you will be on the lookout for monsters and other disasters or playing the role of a scout, you’ll need to gear up. Here’s a guide on what to wear for battle:

what to wear in UP Cookout

Prepare for mess. Aside from an awesome gear, you will need awesome equipment. In past years, the Cookout has gotten muddy. Very muddy. There’s always a messy moment. To keep hygiene from being an issue, you need to pack the following:

Toilet paper (you’re gonna to need it)

Umbrella (in case it rains, the wrath of the skies can be unpredictable)

Cologne (with only 50% chance of survival, you need to smell good at the very least)

Towel (as I said, it may get messy)

Garbage bags (yup, THAT messy!)

Set up a communication system.

Since you and your friends may drift apart at some point, you need mobile phones or, if you prefer, walkie-talkies. Make sure your equipment is loaded and armed with batteries to be able to communicate. If the signal fails you, agree on a satellite call.

And when all else fails, love doesn’t. So follow your heart and be patient. You will eventually find your way back to each other.


Find a food source.

Or learn how to hunt! You will be moving around and shedding energy. You’ll need a refill every once in a while. For this, have enough cash to purchase necessary goods. If you’re lucky, you may find the food stalls such as: Virginia hotdog, World Cup Rice Toppings, Famous Belgian Waffle, Shawarma, JCo doughnuts, Teng’s Sisig, and many more. But don’t expect to find loot everywhere, this is the hunger games!

Know the performers.

To serenade your journey, there will be song writers and performers; Like Jetlag, Jewel Villaflores, the Wonggoys, ABS-CBN Kapamilya Stars, Micmic Kindica and the Three-legged Men, Skankin Brews, Womb, Snubear, Foc Fashion, Dama de Noche, Band-aid, Gestalt, and Urbandub.

That’s as good a lineup as any!

You may need to research about them, skim their lyrics a little bit. Dancing will be more fun when you know the lyrics. And nobody likes an unprepared soldier!

Find other survivors.

When you have everything you need to survive, keep in mind that no man is an island. And the Cookout is a community! Take off your shy shoes and put on your friendly ones. It will be essential to assemble a team to help you survive.

Stay positive and have fun.

Amidst the disasters, this may be the hardest thing to do. But you always have a choice to be happy. The shifts will be easier to handle if you’re wearing a smile. 🙂

*Graphic work by Van Miñoza.

*Sponsored post

UP Cookout

UP Cookout 2014 official poster

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