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That’s our favorite.

There are a ton of things you can do.

Be Human – that’s what we are calling our latest shirt.

ZeroThreeTwo is proud of this one. The shirt is a mix of our street photographs of people in lovely Cebu. Then they were remixed and melded together by Doyle See – the incredible artist behind Killapinas.

Feel free to browse through the photos below. Also if you want a shirt, you can order online or visit Hip Street in Active Zone, Ayala Center Cebu.

Be human zerothreetwo 032 shirt steph senires

be human 032 zerothreetwo shirt

Selling crabs in Mango Ave.

Cycling somewhere in Southern Cebu

Best friends on the side of Fuente.

Smiling kids in the mountains of Oslob

Shot near Cityhall. I don’t think this building is around anymore.

Try not to get run over!

Providing security for at Sto. Nino.

Kid taking care of his brother.

This guy got swag!

You can order this shirt online, click here.

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