Stop reading. Check out the photos below then come back here.

They look awesome right? Don’t they take you back? Back to when we were kids? Wouldn’t it be awesome to own some of these babies?

Hobby Shaft is the perfect place to get all these collectible goodness. Walking in to the store is literally like going back in time and re-entering your childhood. Nestled inside Banilad Town Centre, you can take your pick of Marvel, DC, various movie characters and even Anime toys.

Wouldn’t it be awesome to have Wolverine staring at you as you walk into your room? Just be careful your mom/girlfriend/wife doesn’t go berserker rage on your ass.

Collecting these figurines are much more than just fun. Don’t get me wrong. It would be awesome to have a life size head bust of Dark Vader in the TV room or even Iron Man miniatures littered all over the book shelves. There are ways to profit from these big boy “toys.” Some of the items are limited editions and increase in value over time, sometimes exponentially so. But just like the stock market, there’s a chance prices go down as well. So simply by buying and selling them you can come out on top with a good deal.

I just want my own life sized Storm Trooper ala Barney. It impresses the ladies (I wish). Drop by the store and get whisked back in time with Optimus Prime, Spider Man, and the rest of the heroes. It’s time to give in to your inner childhood.

May the force be with you.

* They have products from Sideshow Collectibles – Star Wars, DC Comics, Marvel, LOTR, Alien & Predator. They also carry products from Soul of Chogokin and Figma for the Anime lovers. We know you’re out there!















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