We’re going to teach you how to get free stuff.

What kind of free stuff?

Think food, clothes, cosmetics and maybe an airline ticket or two.

All for free.


There’s this thing that good companies do. They aim to give the best customer experience possible. How do they do this when they have hundreds of branches? How do they make sure the quality of their service is good all over?

satisFINDFor people like you and me, this is the opportunity.

Good companies like to get real and honest feedback from people who are willing to go undercover and report back about their branches or services.

Basically, you are what the industry calls a Customer Experience Advocate (CEA).

The CEA is carefully chosen and matched to an establishment/brand that they are likely passionate about. That way you can ensure that you will be matched to something you would likely visit anyway.

CEAs are real customers chosen for meticulousness, integrity, and enthusiasm for better customer service. They go to establishments as undercover agents customers taking note of every detail from their experience.

How does one become a Customer Experience Advocate (CEA)?


There’s a company called SatisFIND that specializes in connecting passionate CEAs with companies looking to improve their products or services.

All you need to do is fill out the online form. Afterwards, they will get in touch with you for further inquiry. If chosen, you will reap all the free rewards in exchange for your honest and detailed customer experience feedback.

Don’t expect it to be a walk in the park. There’s some brain exercise involved. You’ll need to be able to take in mental notes and meticulously remember certain details. After your visit, you’ll be asked to meticulously fill out a form designed to help the business operate better.

Let’s be honest.

That doesn’t sound like too much work right? Filling out a form and practicing your spy skills.

Aside from getting these perks, you get to legitimately help a business become better. Instead of being a passive participant, you can actively help them improve.

To take your first step towards becoming SatisFIND’s CEA, click here.

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