Halloween is fast approaching!

You know what that means? All the beautiful Cebuanas dressing up naughty scary.

As we’ve grown older, we’ve replaced candies and treats with alcohol and partying, but one thing remains the same. We still dress up in scary and cool Halloween costumes.

This year, we wanted to get in the spirit of things.

Halloween EzraWe’re giving out a free ZeroThreeTwo shirt to the one with the best Halloween costume!

Here’s how you join!

(1) Take a photo of yourself wearing a Halloween costume.

(2) Share it on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

(3) Use the hashtag #032halloween.

(4) Deadline for submissions will be on November 5, 2013. We will be choosing winners soon after.

We will choose the one with the best costume (if the picture quality isn’t clear or plain sucks, we won’t pick it). 

Winner gets a FREE ZeroThreeTwo shirt. 

If you don’t win, don’t worry. We’ll still be posting our favorites on the website. Here’s what we did a few years back.


*The free ZeroThreeTwo shirt will be based on availability of sizes and designs from the Assembly.

**If you have any questions, post them in the comments below.

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