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It’s now been two weeks since Prince passed away, and as with all celebrity deaths my social media feed was filled with all kinds of tributes and homages for the late great artist. People paid their respects through stories, artwork, photos, and song. But amidst all that, there were two that really stood out for me. One was a video of Adam Levine doing a cover of Purple Rain and the other was an article called “Why We Grieve Artists We’ve Never Met.


In said article, the author shares this tweet:


There’s no more perfect way to put it. These artists have such a strong connection to us because they’re the ones we’ve turned to during our hardest of challenges and our happiest of times. Their songs resonate in us and are bound so strongly to our memories that it feels like a part of us. We mourn their deaths because they helped us know ourselves.

Damn, that’s good!

In the meantime, here’s the playlist for the month of May. I hope you guys find a song or an artist that makes you know yourself.




*Artwork by Happy Garaje inspired by playlist



Jason Almendras

I like to slappa da drumz! I like to clika da cam’ra! I like to eat-a da foo-uhd! And I luh-uv my wife and daughter!! Follow @032jason

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