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“Movies have a profound effect on an individual, a society, a generation. My dream is to have a sustainable local film industry in Cebu. Waves is the first baby step to that dream.”

Strong words from Don Gerardo Frasco, homegrown Cebuano filmmaker at the exclusive premiere of his film, Waves, held at Ayala Center Cebu last September 5, 2014.

Waves is Frasco’s directorial debut, starring Baron Geisler, Ilona Struzik, Pilar Pilapil and Leo Pilapil. The film, shot entirely in Palawan and Cebu, is a romantic drama of loneliness and loss ironically set in the backdrop of pristine paradise. Here, we are introduced to two troubled individuals Ross and Sophia, who go on a spontaneous trip to an unnamed island only to find themselves rekindling old feelings, but not without some complications.

In a country where local cinema is saturated with the usual slapstick comedy and sampalan dramas, Waves was a world-class breath of fresh air.

Waves by Don Gerardo FrascoWe’ve been there

It’s a story that resonates in many of our lives, a tale that’s maybe all too familiar. Some of us have been Ross (Geisler) – impulsive and passionate. Or maybe we feel more like Sophia (Struzik) – nonchalant and carefree. But regardless of our personalities and backgrounds, it wasn’t hard to relate to at least one facet of the poignant narrative.

In an hour and 25 minutes, we get a voyeuristic look at the ebb and flow of an almost relationship. The intensity of the first sparks, the playfulness in the early stages, the pain of heartbreak – we know it all because we’ve experienced it ourselves.

In the director’s chair

For Waves, Frasco plays heavily with dreamy imagery and silences that speak as much volumes as the intimate conversations – an homage to his heroes Terrence Malick and Alfonso Cuarón. In a conversation with ZeroThreeTwo, Frasco acknowledged that the salutes to his favorite directors were quite evident. He adds, “It’s a tendency in most first films, but I hope that as I continue to make more and more films, I will eventually find my own style and voice.”

After training and working in New York, Frasco came home to Cebu with a vision to bring Cebuano and Philippine cinema to world-class levels, a feat he deems possible. With the support and applause Waves got at the premiere, it was pretty easy to tell we all think so too.

No one put it better than veteran actress Pilar Pilapil at the premiere, “Whatever Cebuanos can do, as long as it’s from the heart, we can do it really well. This is just the start.”


Waves – Official Trailer – Waverly Pictures from Waverly Pictures on Vimeo.

Ria Redulla

Punk rock, speaks her mind and incredibly smart. That’s Ria!! She’s also an uber talented web and graphic design artist. Check out her site Oceanchild Creatives. Glad you enjoyed the movie, Ria!

Ilona Struzik in waves

Ilona Struzik


Baron Geisler

Baron Geisler

Don Gerardo Frasco (right)

Don Gerardo Frasco (right)

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