Don’t be a lazy slob for summer.

This is the perfect time to get back in shape. There aren’t too many responsibilities happening outside of work. No Christmas parties to pig out on. Not too many social obligations for lechon. For students, it’s even better. You are likely not doing anything.

Time to get a little exercise.

Luckily in Cebu, we’ve got plenty of choices for men and women. Here’s a good list of choices:


There is a basketball court everywhere. Literally.


The Philippines is a basketball crazy country. There’s a reason why there’s a court in almost every corner. If you don’t have a basketball group, all you really need to do is just ask your friends on Facebook. You’ll likely get a really quick response. Still none? You can always walk on to a court. People are generally nice. Just don’t be an ass or you’ll get elbowed in the face.

Bernadette - yoga


The first time I tried Yoga, I was surprised by how seemingly simple movements made me sweat buckets. I discovered joints and muscles that I’ve never moved before. We recently posted an article about Yoga on the site.

Give it a try. Head over to Love Yoga’s World or YogaHub.


There’s a fun run almost every weekend.


Grab your running shoes, walk out your door and start running. That’s all you really need to do to get started. For beginners, you might like to try running in a more comfortable environment before going up to Busay or running the streets. You can always run in IT Park, Abellana, Ayala Business Park or even Cempark (if you aren’t afraid of ghosts).

To have a little more fun, you should try a fun run.

Uhm... you'll probably want a better bike.

Uhm… you’ll probably want a better bike.


I don’t know much about cycling, but I’ve got plenty of friends who seem to enjoy it. One of them even considers it his time to get away from the rigors of everyday life, his little sanctuary that he gives himself every weekend.

Want to get started? Visit some of the bike stores in Cebu.



If you happen to not own a pool (most of us can attest to that), you can visit Abellana. They’ve got a nice big pool just ripe for swimming. We also live in an island that has plenty of access to the sea. Try swimming a few laps in open water. Who knows? You might even enjoy it.



We just covered running, swimming and cycling, you may as well train as a triathlete. Ever since Iron Man visited the shores of Cebu, more and more people have given this incredibly demanding sport a tri. There are more Cebu based triathlon events coming up.

hoopaholic cebu

Photo from Hoopaholic Cebu

Hula hoop

Looking for something totally different? Merge dance and hula hoop together for a fun and exciting workout. From what I hear, it’s not as difficult as it seems and looks like lots of fun.

Find out more with Hoopaholic.

Photo from Dive Funatics.

Photo from Dive Funatics


There’s nothing like exploring the deep blue sea and getting a little exercise along the way. The ocean is one of the last places on Earth that hasn’t been explored fully. Now is your chance to get to know mother earth in a different way.

Beginners should contact Dive Funatics.

This was our campsite on top of Osmena Peak.

This was our campsite on top of Osmena Peak.


Looking for experienced friends who may want to go hiking up a mountain might be difficult. But in most cases, you won’t need an experienced traveller along (although it is a huge advantage). Many of the hike trails in Cebu are very beginner friendly. Just do your best to research ahead.

You can start with Osmena Peak and Sirao Peak.

crossfit pintados cebu


This isn’t my cup of tea, but you can’t deny that going to the gym can be very beneficial to your health and fitness. Fortunately, there are plenty of choices. You can go to the bigger gyms like Gold’s Gym, Fitness First, Holiday Gym, Citigym or Epic.  You can even try out the up and coming crossfit gyms like Pintados or StayFit.



This one lands close to my heart. I miss heading over to the Cebu Wakeboard Park and being pulled over the water. Last year, this was part of my weekly routine. I haven’t been able to get back to it, but I promised myself I would. You should give wakeboarding a try too.

ride that skateboard


Take a drive sometime late at night. You’ll notice kids littered about in the streets pushing along with a board underneath. It’s never too late to try this sport. Visit the Emporium or message the guys at 6/18, they’ll be happy to help you out.

interior 2 Ala Gym


The boxing fight of the century just finished. We’ve got to retake the throne. Who knows? You could be the next Manny Pacquiao! Or at the very least get really really fit. No joke. Boxing is incredibly tiring. Once you get the basics down and start boxing the gloves, it gets really fun and really tiring at the same time.

Head over to Ala Gym in Banilad Town Centre.

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