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The beach, the great get away from the noise of the city. Everyone looks forward to a weekend on the beach. You can never go wrong watching a beautiful sunset and hearing the sounds of the waves.

Meanwhile, in a random garage or small office in the city you have a handful of tech innovators, computer programmers, graphic designers, analysts, etc. Call them what you want, but in the universe we live in, we call them the geeks. And they are out to rule the world; they are rockstars in their league. Geeks are rebels with an innovative cause. You don’t mess with them, or they will code the living hell out of you.

So when something like Geeks on a Beach brings the best of both worlds together, what do you expect?

Do you expect to see young kids playing on the beach, throwing sands and sketching with their bare hands? Yes probably, but this time it’s a whole new ballgame. Give geeks the right playground and magic happen. And this is exactly why GOAB is fun – magic happens.

Let’s define magic.

A young startup with a genius plan to disrupt a specific industry, they are living off their post ­university allowance from their moms. They go to GOAB, attend the workshops, meet funders. Wait, meet funders? Yes. These are real­ life stories in GOAB. You attend only with a simple dream, and you can end up getting funded. The best things that happen in between these two milestones of your life happens on the beach.

And this is why we want you there, to have fun. It’s the best excuse to take your long overdue vacation. Be the best geek that you can ever be at the place there could ever be.

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