Here’s news: Geek Goddesses walk the fertile lands of Cebu, hiding in plain sight.

Sian Maynard, ex-beauty queen and moonlighting host (she’s obviously not very good at hiding) was nice enough to let me document her geekgasming.

The girl is a sponge for all things interesting, and with the advent of the internet, it’s not surprising that she ended up becoming a big pop culture geek.

She says that whenever she geekgasms, she hasn’t gotten any violent reactions – just confused expressions.

“It’s still a little tough on geeks. But because of the internet, it’s easier because you find people with the same interests; you don’t have to be ashamed.”

Sian delineates the differences between dorks, geeks and nerds for us. A geek is “a person who’s interested in something obscure specifically. Nerds are academic based. Dorks are socially awkward. No one’s pinned it down, even online.” I’m also obliged to say she had a different, more NSFW definition of the word “dork.” You can search for it yourself and be proud of social awkwardness.

Sian modestly classifies herself as a bookworm. “I have a thing for dystopian fiction. It’s not fun if it’s utopian.”

Her first graphic novel reads were Neil Gaiman’s Sandman series; Alan Moore’s Watchmen; Alex Ross and Mark Waid’s Kingdom Come; and Grant Morrison’s The Filth.

“It was hard to get (graphic novels) in college, so I relied on hand outs. I was one of those sad people who had girl friends who were into literature, and two guy friends who gave me comics.”

“I’ll be the first to admit that when a game comes out, I try the girl characters first to see if they’re worth playing. But I love zombie stories, I just read The Plague; you can’t get emotionally invested in anyone in The Walking Dead.

There’s a very masculine theme in comics, women are still hyper sexualized. It’s all about boobs. But we’re getting there. For example, Snow White in Fables (by Bill Willingham) barely shows skin, but she kicks ass.”

She’s not very big on gaming, because she knows she’ll only get addicted, and she’s already hooked on the internet to begin with.

“I used to play a text-based RPG, MUD (Multi-User Dungeon). Three years of high school went down the drain. All I can show for my awkwardness is a 53 level Mage.” She laughingly recounts.

She also follows several TV series like Chuck, Glee, and whatever her friends so generously download for her. “Game of Thrones is the shit – I finished all of them (the books) since last year, and I’m on the waiting list for the latest book in the Song of Ice and Fire series.”

As for whether her geekiness has affected her work in any way, she has this to say: “They are hobbies so you have to know when to draw the line between hobbies and work… unless if you mean that I spend way too much time on the internet.”


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