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If you were to google Kathryn Layno-Lewis; you’d find out she’s done sketch cards for marvel; she’s published her first comic cover at 14 for the indie comic group, Sukolmo; she’s been a colorist for Drew Johnson; that her deviantart account has more boobs and muscled babes than boys… etc etc.

What you won’t find though is how big of a geek she is, therefore meriting her a spot on this quarter’s Geek Goddess page.

A love for music lead to a love for animation lead to a love for illustration.

She claims to have been influenced by her brother, who copied marvel cards in elementary. Their dad would dissuade him, tell him to be a doctor because there was no money in art.

Kat was the only one to ignore her father’s creed.

“My mom was secretly supporting me in the shadows because she always wanted to be an artist. In the 60’s, especially when you were a woman, you couldn’t do that. So when we went to the states, she brought me to art museums. Dad would just bring me to golf shops.”

The usual conflicts she has regarding her choice of work is in her words, “the usual parent worrying about whether it’s going to make money.”

“Maybe it’s stupid, but I can’t really imagine myself doing anything else. Maybe when times are hard, I’ll reconsider.”

Her influences include the art of Satoshi Kon; Capcom games; Jim Lee (She says this is why her guy’s eyes are all “Clint Eastwood-y”); Jay Scott Campbell (“he makes amazing hips on women”) and Rebecca Guay.

Speaking of Miss Guay, she got Kat into Magic the Gathering.

“I (had) a mono-black deck. It was a zombie suicide deck. They suck. I think most of the cards I used then are banned now. I used to be such a whore for Magic. Like, someone would tell me to wear a chick outfit to school and he’d give me 3 cards.”

Apparently, the girl cannot see herself as a girly girl.

“I can’t. I just don’t consider myself as a boy either, I just can’t do the girl thing. How did my husband put it? Like sometimes its false advertising. Push up bras, makeup. It’s just not there when you take it off.”

Her other talent, as she puts it, is the ability to identify the title of any anime and the character name of any anime girl character based on physical description.

She used to play Dungeons and Dragons with the Sukol team as a teenager. Being artists, it was easy to just draw their characters.

“I always made so much money because after we’d kill a dragon, they’d go claim the reward, I’d pawn the dragon skin. “
“I’ve never died in any of the campaigns. I just hate it when people act stupid. “ Bring a girl into a group of socially awkward guys and it just changes everything.

“Not to sound like a narcissist, but it’s hard to find guys you can talk to about this sort of thing without them wanting to get in your pants.”

She prefers pen and paper over MMORPGs because of the role playing aspect. She did martial arts in high school and college, she doesn’t have any suppressed violence that she takes out on imaginary trolls and direwolves.

“When guys tickle you, my reflex is to hit. I don’t laugh. Luoy kaayo na siya” (Points to husband)

“I always played rogue, or bard. Always chaotic neutral. Always picked on the goody-two-shoes paladin or the cleric because they’re so ‘samok’. Knight in shining armor? Frame him for theft.”

And then conversation drifted to favorite DnD races, Dragonkin, Daenerys Targaryen and speculations over the direction of the Song of Ice and Fire series. But for the sake of reserving spoilers (because our theories are plausible) I shall not go any further.

*Check out the video to hear Kat talk about her art.





Chibi commission

Chibi commission



Kathryn Layno at work

Kathryn Layno at work

Sugbojams cover

Sugbojams cover

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