Your FUNtastic Sinulog weekend is finally over! Now, it’s time to brace yourselves for the endless Valentine posts that will flood your newsfeed.  Lovers “in a relationship” are busy preparing for the perfect romantic moment with their partners while the single ones are either soaking in bitterness or planning on creating their own perfect moment with or without a date.

This is especially dedicated to all the single ladies out there!

It is said that Valentine’s Day is the most dreaded time of the year for single women. It doesn’t help when most of your girl friends are either engaged or married, but rejoice my friends because it’s 2015. It’s the new era when being single is actually a status that calls for celebration. Single means having the time of YOUR life.

It is the best time to enjoy your independence, determine your passions, and know what you want and truly desire in a relationship. With all that said, there is no reason to be stuck in your room alone and indulging on a pint of Chocolate ice cream while watching the last episode of Game of Thrones on the 14th of February.

Here are some ideas to pump up your lovers’ day celebration and make it more fun than you could ever imagine!

  1. Throw the perfect single girls get together

I’m certain you have single girl friends in town who are also thinking about celebrating a V-Day with friends. Plan a meaningful get together and find a fun activity you can all enjoy. Creative ideas will start pouring in once the ladies start talking.

  1. Connect with the rest of the family.

Time spent with family is always time well spent. Your family is your first love after all so it would be a great time to prepare a special dinner for everyone. It doesn’t matter whether you decide to bring them to a fancy restaurant or stay home and put your culinary skills to the test.

  1. Go on an all-out shopping spree.

Shopping doesn’t really cure everything including loneliness but it will be a BIG help on V-Day. Since everyone is busy having dinner, you might actually savor the comfort of the not so crowded shopping areas and splurge on the pricey stilettos or bags you’ve been eyeing on.

  1. Hit the gym HARD!

While the couples and the lovebirds are putting in more calories, you can get even by hitting it hard on your workout. It’s that perfect chance to try something different than your usual workout routine as well. You can start doing yoga, pole dancing or any new activity that will make you feel more accomplished.

  1. Go on an Eat Pray Love

There’s nothing wrong with being alone for the day. Anyway, being alone and lonely are two different things. To be alone means to have the chance to go thorough introspection about your job, your friends, your crush, your wants and life in general. Take all the time you need to eat, pray and love yourself.

  1. Plan a FUN show and photoshoot with friends.

If you want to have the perfect excuse to look all glammed up and pretty as a doll then organize a fun show and photoshoot with friends. This sounds a bit vain but if you pick the right theme and outfit for the shoot and capture great shots, you wouldn’t even care for the dateless V-day. Who needs a date if you look awesome in your photos?

  1. Time to visit the spa

If you have been stressed at work, at life or even just over the V-Day traffic, a good massage might be all you need. Next thing you know, all the stress is gone and you feel more refreshed and energized!

  1. Go on a spontaneous trip

Some of the best moments are unplanned. Don’t be afraid to take spontaneous trips. You can go to a nearby island, take a roadtrip away from the city or just hit any place you find interesting. What truly matters is that you learn to enjoy yourself.

  1. Organize a valentine’s party for elderly couples in your neighborhood.

Shower more love to more people on V-Day by organizing something romantic for the couples who made it through the test of time. I’m sure lolas and lolos will be thrilled to attend a special event for them.

  1. Pick your guy best friend and hang out.

Every girl needs a group of guy friends to get away from the drama of the female circle. Choose the best single guy friend you are most comfortable with and just hang out. Be reminded that there is a big difference between dating and hanging out with your guy best friend but no matter what, your guy best friend is like heaven sent on days like this one!

So how do single guys celebrate Valentine’s Day? Comment below!



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