Whoa! There’s a lot to listen here. This isn’t just one song by one awesome artist.

It’s 13 songs by 13 awesome artists!

Sit back.


Enjoy a little Folk City.

Stream the entire Folk City Album here!

There are plenty of standouts. We have the local mainstays like Cattski and the Wonggoys. Up and comers like Womb and Snübear. Folk City even features a few artists outside our little archipelago Gabriel Lynch, the Brewer boys and more.

Here’s the full tracklisting:

1. Until Love Dies – The Labrats
2. Save It For A Sunday – Jessica McYorker skip to 3:57
3. Sea Hue – Cattski skip to 7:40
4. HD – Wonggoys skip to 12:07
5. Sleepy Head – Womb skip to 15:59
6. Crazy Maddy – Snübear skip to 18:41
7. Our Love – LUXXX skip to 22:12
8. Recovered – Ella Melendez skip to 26:22
9. What Friends Are For – Gabriel Lynch skip to 31:12
10. Cottonwood – The Brewer Boys skip to 34:50
11. Little Things – Shimona Kee skip to 39:47
12. Someday – Martina San Diego skip to 43:12
13. The Race – Mary Anchit 47:13


*Early standout tracks for me are Until Love Dies – The Labrats (I got goosebumps right when the vocals came in… gah!), Little Things – Shimona Kee, Sleepy Head – Womb and… still listening. What’s yours?  

**Catch Folk City on July 30, gig details here.  


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