As we were driving up northern Cebu, the signs of Yolanda’s destructive power were put on display. Huge trees were decapitated like small twigs. Rows and rows of crops were uprooted and wasted. Trucks toppled over like they were nothing. Rows and rows of houses without roofs.

But the biggest measure of destruction was yet to come.

It started as we reached the end of Sogod, Cebu. People were bearing signs asking for help.

Help. Walay bugas. Walay balay. Walay tubig.

We need food and water.


As we kept driving, we saw more of the same thing. Scores of people holding up signs asking for help. This was true all the way to Bogo, our destination.

Many were standing on the sides of the road. Behind them lay their ruined houses. Arms stretched out towards the passing cars. They had just endured the  biggest storm in the world. And they needed help.

The devastation was extreme.

I can’t even imagine what it must be like in places like Tacloban, Bantayan, Ormoc, and all the other affected areas.

I write this hoping that I can inspire some of you to help. There are many ways to volunteer and help out. In fact, too many for me to enumerate, but I’m hoping the links in this article can help you in the right direction.

PS – more photos below






*ZeroThreeTwo has nothing to do with the relief efforts on this post. 

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