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Dear All,

For the last lookbook of 2017, we dedicate it to the people who have shaped Zerothreetwo throughout the year.

Everyone in this lookbook helped or is connected to someone who helped make our little company what it is today. Zerothreetwo is nothing without the wonderful individuals tirelessly working behind the scenes to keep this alive and kicking.

Without you, running this site would have been very difficult, and not to mention lonely. Your help has been invaluable and very much appreciated.

Thank you.


Introducing the Fire Dad Hat


The Fire Dad Hat features the Zerothreetwo Circle Logo in six shades of red and yellow. Th colors signify Fire, one of the key ingredients to creating work that stands the test of time.

The challenges of fire and the inspiration it brings melds together the bonds needed to create lasting work. A key tenant of Zerothreetwo is to stand the test of time. In ten years, if we are still chugging along in some shape or form, then we can safely say that Zerothreetwo was a success.

Only in doing what we love can we find happiness. We hope it sparks the Fire in you to find that for yourself.

Everyone in this lookbook possesses that Fire in some way or another.

Fire Circle

Black Dad Hat

Fire directly embroidered onto the front panels

Strap back closure

One size fits most

Curved visor

Proudly made in Cebu, Philippines

Available in select Zerothreetwo stockists.


Order at The Assembly Online.

Krisha Rule

If you’ve been reading the Zerothreetwo blog, you might have come across Krisha’s writing.

Krisha even came up with my favorite series called “What Is It Really Like?”. The series has featured a few amazing people.

Sadly, she has since submitted her last article for Zerothreetwo and moved on to bigger better things. But who knows? Maybe she’ll make a submission or two in the future.

Thanks Krisha!

Monica Villarica

Behind those gold glasses is a familiar face to anyone who has followed the Zerothreetwo Instagram account.

Monica has been featured in no less than three Zerothreetwo lookbooks for 2017 and countless more in the past. My favorite of which was Vincent Eco’s I Know You Do.

For always being game for a lookbook shoot, thanks Mon!

Rae Cabradilla

One of the perks of Zerothreetwo is being able to work with some of the most talented people Cebu has to offer.

Rae is one of the main photographers of the famed Rainbowfish. We even featured her in an article called What Is It Really Like to Be a Wedding Photographer?

Her work for Zerothreetwo is behind the scenes and related to client work, which still makes her an intergral part of the Zerothreetwo machine.

Thanks Rae!

Kate Lepiten

Kate is the daughter of Karen Lepiten.

Karen is the resident do it all. If you need something, Karen is the person who can get it done.

Thank you Kate and Karen.

Ikina Maningo

Ikina is the sister of Jake Maningo.

Jake is my partner in crime. Everything related to the clothing has Jake’s signature on it.

Thank you Ikina and Jake.

Stephanie Villarica

Stephanie is an integral part of the editing process.

She sees everything before they are released and basically makes sure we don’t release something horrible. 

Thanks Steph!

Carlo Villarica

That’s me.

I like writing words and drinking coffee.

Thanks again to everyone who helped Zerothreetwo along the way. This is but a small sampling of the people who made 2017 a wonderful year.

Looking forward to 2018.

To part, I will leave you with photos of my first born wearing the Fire Dad Hat.

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