As soon as I saw a Cebuano brand called Filthy Project, I had to check it out. How can you ignore that name? And as soon as I saw their wares, I couldn’t ignore their products as well.

It’s rare to catch a young brand who have their identity figured out. Street, dark and indie those three words sum up everything I feel about the brand.

The ZeroThreeTwo Online Store – The Assembly even sells some of their caps. We’re looking forward to having more caps from them in the future. 

Without further ado, here’s the interview from the ladies of Filthy Project. 

032: First off, what is Filthy Project?

Sabs and Loy: Filthy Project is a Cebu-based online store which specifically for cap enthusiasts. We bring you a wonderful collection of versatile caps that encompasses each and everyone’s taste – caps that do not only stand out but help you express yourselves without talking.

filthy project032: Tell us a little about the ladies running Filthy Project?

Sabs and Loy: Filthy Project is a Cebuana duo that consists of Isabel Cui and Aleli Mejias. We are the main representatives of this Cebu-based Urban Fashion label. We’re here to take pride and represent those who are from the Queen City of the South. We want to prove that Cebuano brands can also make it to the spotlight and be globally competitive in terms of producing local products. So support your local brand! Spread the love ‘cause how else will we be discovered, right?

032: What made you guys decide to focus on caps?

Loy: When we thought about this kind of business, caps were not ‘in’ yet. So we started with caps for a unique and new line. But Filthy Project is not just a brand. It’s a culture. It’s a lifestyle. Hahaha

Sabs: One reason is trend following. It sounds so simple but it’s actually quite complicated. Cebu has a lot to offer people – shirts, shoes, accessories and a whole lot more. We decided to focus on caps because, of course, it’s what is hot right now. There are lots of new caps in the hottest brands with the latest styles from all over the world, so we figured why not make one here in Cebu, right? It’s definitely a great start for a taste of something new.

filthy project caps032: How do you go about designing or conceptualizing your stuff?

Sabs: We browse the net a lot and check out different sites. This allows us to see really cool and artsy designs. So we just come up with all sorts of designs, edit it and see how it looks. Most of our patches also come from song titles and lyrics, so instead of putting our brand in our caps, we decided it would be much more awesome if we place the song titles and lyrics like our Young Blood cap. Eventually, we realized that people actually dig our stuff. We’re totally psyched about it.

032: We really like your approach to finding new stuff. How come you guys decided not to start with T-shirts?

Sabs: As of the moment, we decided to focus on just caps because there’s a lot of competition in the t-shirt industry. It takes so much time looking for the perfect kind of shirt or for the perfect kind of print and coming up with a unique design that isn’t too average or isn’t too mainstream.

Loy: We just started. We’re observing what’s good for the business. We’re planning a lot of things and making shirts is definitely one of them.

filthy project camo032: That’s true. I noticed you are starting to do more things. You’ve started to branch out from just caps, right?

Sabs: Yeah and luckily it became a hit. We recently came up with our Going Incognito Collection. These are camouflage polos which were also everyone’s favorite. But we decided to release more caps again. We’ll start from there and see how it goes.

Loy: Yup and there are a lot of caps coming your way.

032: I must say. The photography style and messaging in your product shots are really really reaaaaallly cool. Who’s doing that?

Sabs and Loy: We’ve got our really talented graphic designer Mikee Batucan, a Fine Arts student in University of San Carlos, who does all the filming, video editing and the logos. She is also the Creative Designer for Filthy Project. She is an aspiring illustrator and enjoys exploring new techniques and mediums.  We also have Alexis Uy, a Fine Arts student in University of San Carlos with a passion for photography. Her works are inspired from minimalism, black and white tones and nature. You guys can check out more of their works here at and These Cebuana artists are definitely worth the look!

032: What can we look forward to from Filthy Project?

Sabs and Loy: We have so many plans for Filthy Project. And we don’t mind doing it one step at a time. Expanding the business is definitely on top of our list. Hopefully, sooner or later it won’t be just an online shop. We’re also planning to collaborate with fellow local brands so that people from the outside will get the opportunity to see what Cebu is capable of.

We’re definitely looking forward to more from Filthy Project. Like them on Facebook.


The ladies in charge of Filthy Project

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