They’ve been teasing this for a while and we’ve been waiting.

Fake Friends have finally come out of the woodwork and released their first lookbook.

Eva Aguspina and Nyor Ken Cuizon have proven to be an explosive combination. The lookbook is proof of their willingness to piss a few people off, move the Cebu streetwear culture forward, and give zero f***s.

It’s not difficult to think that Fake Friends as a clothing brand took its inspiration from somewhere… or somebody. Taking this inspiration and putting it to something positive. While at the same time, hitting a nerve as we’ve all experienced a Fake Friend or two.

Enjoy the lookbook.

Presenting The Freshmen Collection: Chapter 1

With influences deeply rooted on hiphop and streetwear culture, Fake Friends releases it’s first ever collection.

The Freshmen Collection: Chapter 1 includes two classic shirts, two cropped top sweaters, baseball caps and tote bags presented with minimal designs and a distinct color palette that translates the clean aesthetic of the brand.

The Collection will be dropping this June 30, 2016 during the brand’s first pop up store at TUF Barbershop, 5pm to 8pm.

Photography:  Em-em Ybanez | Zach Villegas | Rj Galgo

Styling:  Eva Aguspina

Creative Director: Nyorken Cuizon

Location: Camden Cafe

Models: Alex, Simon, Karina & Trixie

For queries, contact us: | IG: @urfakefriend

* Everybody Has One shirt – 600.00

*FF Cropped Top – 650.00

*FF Caps – 650.00

*FF Logo Shirts – 500.00

*FF Tote Bags- 600.00

Check out their website to see the rest of the lookbook.











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