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Cebu has a long history of creating wonderful local films. The Binisaya Film Festival 2016 is an opportunity to finally see those films on the big screen.

There’s so much happening in the week of the festival that we decided to post all the details in one easy page for your reference.

The Binisaya Film Festival 2016 is happening on September 17-24 in various venues. Below you will find details as to where and what is happening on the different days. More importantly, we’ve included the synopsis and even a few trailers of the upcoming films. That way you can decide which ones you will watch.

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Binisaya 2016 Sept 17 schedule

A mother works abroad leaving behind her sick husband and young son who couldn’t stand each other. Both boys suffer from intense longing of the same woman they loved and started drifting in a world of their own; Father drowns his sadness with his vices while son escapes through his drawings of imagined adventures, but an accident forces both boys to work together to become better men. Inside “Lunchbox” is a family falling apart and a boy who forces himself to grow strong to survive a not uncommon modern day family story.



Binisaya 2016 Sept 19 schedule

Binisaya 2016 Sept 20 schedule

For the BINISAYA Classics, the films below will be shown.

SARANGHAE MY TUTOR (Victor Villanueva, 2011)
Synopsis: Benjamin teaches English to Koreans in an ESL centre. Despite his mundane and routinary life, he still believes that he will find his soul mate. One day, as if destiny intervened, he meets his new Korean student, Mi-Ok North Park…. it was love at first sight! Is this the soul mate that he’s been longing for? Will there be a happy ending between the shy Cebuano teacher and the beautiful Korean Angel despite their language barriers?

Will he be able to teach the language of love? Or will it be misunderstood?

GUGMA NI OLIVIA (Christian Linaban, 2011)

Synopsis: Olivia, who sells knives for a living, develops a romantic obsession with her next door neighbor, Jeffrey.

UWAN INIT PISTA SA LANGIT (Keith Deligero, Remton Siega Zuasola, 2009)

Synopsis: A Story about Heaven and Hell.

Binisaya 2016 Sept 21 schedule

BINISAYA x Active Vista presents: Engkwentro

“Engkwentro” follows two teenage brothers attempting to escape an unnamed city controlled by an iron-fisted mayor. They must first break away from the cycle of crime, while trying to run from rival gang leaders and the state’s murderous vigilantes.

BINISAYA x Active Vista presents: Miss Bulalacao

“Miss Bulalacao” is about a young drag queen, Dodong, who joins a barangay (village) gay pageant to gain acceptance in his father’s community. He instead faces hostility from his father, who chases him to a jungle, where he sobs to a lone bright star. What follows is the strangest night in his entire life, and an even stranger nine months when he realizes he is pregnant. With only his stepmother, Lisa, as a support, Dodong deals with ridicule from the people who do not believe him – until his predicament becomes a tabloid headline: “BAKLA, INA NG DIOS!”.


Binisaya 2016 Sept 22 schedule Binisaya 2016 Sept 23 schedule


In a public statement, newly appointed FDCP Chair Liza Diño stresses the importance of empowering regional cinema. She plans to decentralize FDCP, maximize the potential of our Cinematheques, bridging the divide between our international presence and local audience response, creating a self sustainable environment for our cinema, and building the creative economy.

She has since been travelling to different regions, holding dialogues with local film community. On this day, she will come to Cebu and intends to communicate with local filmmakers regarding our industry’s concerns and situation.

The panel shall include professional filmmakers and producers as well as members of the academe for film related studies, but everyone interested in the development of Cebuano Cinema is invited to attend.


It had been 325 years that the Philippines was under Spanish rule when the Revolution, led by Andres Bonifacio, exploded
on August 21, 1896. But on May 9, 1897, Bonifacio was charged with death sentence by rival revolutionaries led by
Emilio Aguinaldo. Bonifacio’s body has never been found. His wife, Gregoria De Jesus, searched for his body in the mountains for thirty days, calling for Andres and even spirits to help her find her husband.

Binisaya 2016 Sept 24 schedule


Bianca Balbuena is a producer and assistant director, known for Hele sa hiwagang hapis (2016), That Thing Called Tadhana (2014) and Engkwentro (2009). At the 4th Madrid International Film Festival, she was nominated Best Producer of a Foreign Language Film for ‘The Undertaker (2014)’.

Nominated Best Producer of a Foreign Language Film at the Madrid International Film Festival 2015.

Bianca graduated from the University of the Philippines with a degree in film and audiovisual communication as cum laude (with honors). She has attended the Produire Au Sud of Festival des 3 Continents, Rotterdam Producers Lab, Talent Campus Tokyo, Asian Project Market in the Busan International Film Festival, La Fabrique des Cinemas du Monde in the Cannes Film Festival, EAVE Ties That Bind, Aljazeera Witness Documentary Workshop and the Berlinale Talent Project Market, where she won the International Relations ARTE Prize.



A young man is on a quest to find a mythical strain of cannabis called the SUPERPSYCHOCEBU. Along the way, he meets characters that appear to have lost their minds after trying it, one of them even possessed by the Devil, at which point he starts questioning whether he’s in for some good weed or just one hell of a bad trip.


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