If you’re a genuine Cebuano, then you’ve probably heard this a million times. I bet you’ve gotten yourself lost in that eskina. But that’s alright, that’s nothing to be ashamed of because Cebu unravels before you through sheer discovery.

Cebu is more than just the great things we already know. What makes Cebu, Cebu are the things unheard of. Cebu is about the people, the talents, the creativity, the stories and all the little things. Cebu is our home, and it is at Eskina!

Where will you be at this weekend?

You’re feeing a tad bit adventurous and you want to discover the new things that this city has to offer. Your taste in music is exceptional, and you want good food to go with that. Something tells me that you would love the idea of all these happening just around the corner.

eskina poster

The students of the University of San Carlos puts together pieces of Cebu with a food + lifestyle expo happening right at Escario Central, Cebu City.

Eskina is an expo featuring some of the best 100% Cebuano goodness. We’ve brought together a good line up of amazing things- apparel, accessories, food, talents and a great experience that is definitely something to talk about.

With the collective effort of students and businesses, this project is set to help build the Children of Cebu Foundation, Inc., the organization who is responsible for operating the mobile school buses, which give free education to street children around the city. Eskina is an avenue to promote local businesses while helping build the city.

So if you’re feeling adventurous this weekend, swing by at Eskina on March 7-9, 2014. There’s only so much waiting for you to discover.

So, asa ta kita?

Editor’s note: PS – we’re going to be selling merchandise from the Assembly AND wonderful yummy rice meals.

eskina cebu

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