No big event in Cebu is ever complete without the presence and photographs from Event Photographers Cebu or EPiC. This group has documented the local scene with their implausible shots.

EPiC is comprised of eleven young and talented individuals that share a common passion for photography and videography.  You have likely seen their photographs all over the papers or the internet –they are pretty hard to miss!  They continue to capture Cebu’s greatest moments and have started to widen their horizon by taking projects out of the metro. Another reason to be proud you’re a Cebuano! Cebuano photographers are simply EPiC! These guys are always busy and on the go! Good thing, Ian Javier and Clint Victor Caingles found time to share a bit of their EPiC story and thoughts with us.

032: You were known as Event Photographers Society, what’s the reason behind the change of the name to Event Photographer Cebu (EPiC)?

EPiC: We felt the need to organize ourselves and move to a new direction. Changing the name was a good way of telling the world we are a better, mature and more solid group. It also provided a platform for a fresh start and opened up more doors of opportunities for the team. Aside from that, it is also a legal requisite that we drop the word society as per DTI’s instruction.

032: How did these individuals with different careers and professions get together to form EPiC? What’s the inspiration behind it?

EPiC: We all know each other as friends and most of us had already established a name in photography. We run into each other at events and usually have coffee or meals together.  It was Rey Dacalos who was quite aggressive in forming the group.

Then the opportunity to work together on a big event came. We took photos and enjoyed each other’s company.

We got to know one another more and realized that our shared passion for photography would really make an impression if we established a solid group. We kept meeting and took this thought seriously and it just took off from there.

032: Currently, EPiC has eleven members. Can you describe each member in just one word (the best word that would define his/her personality).

EPiC: Here goes…

Bibi – Workaholic

Kit – Artistic

Jin – Adventurous

Ian – Funny

Hans – Stylish

Clint – Loud

Kimberly – Creative

Gabriel – Carefree

Jeremy – Deep

John – Friendly

Monica – Enthusiastic

032: What are the biggest projects that you have worked on?  Were there projects that you did out of Cebu and out of the country?

EPiC: We’ve covered events like Summer Sunscream (2 years in a row), Lifedance 2012, Sinulog, Miss Cebu 2008-2012, Miss Southern Leyte, Mr. Awesome, Cebu’s 100 Prettiest,  X-factor, Pilipinas Got Talent, Concerts – Sarah Geronimo, Sharon and Martin, Boyz to Men and All4One, Color Me Badd, Anne Curtis, Cebu’s Masquerade Ball, Globe National Convention, Queen of Cebu and many more…

032: These days everybody claims to be a photographer. What do you think makes your group stand out? What makes you unique?

EPiC: We are a mix of different personalities who love working with one another. We value excellence and we are very much result oriented.

Individually we have gained enough experience and training in our fields and in the group we set aside personal agendas to help each member push himself to his full potential.

We pride ourselves of being a family and that’s what makes us unique.

We stand out because whenever we work, we all know what to do, we know where to go and we know the who’s who in Cebu. Also we treat our clients as clients first then we make sure we turn out as friends.

032: I have spoken to some of the members and I’m very impressed with how cool the entire group is. How do you separate friendship from your business deals?

EPiC: We don’t just work. We go out on lunch or dinners together. We watch movies, no matter how silly or scary it is. We get into each other’s faces and get involved with personal things like love and future goals. I guess it’s because we have all opened up our lives to each other.

We’ve also done a lot of refining in what we do, we all know where the line stands between work and personal life. That’s why working with everyone is such a dream.

032: A lot of young photo enthusiasts would want to join the group. How do you become a member of EPIC?

EPiC: Anyone can join our events and activities as long as the organizers approve of it but to become part of EPiC, they need to know at least 2 or 3 current members who can vouch for them.

They go through a probationary process in which the members get to know them, their motives, personal goals, how they work, how they handle pressure and many other things.

032: What are the qualifications to be a member?

EPiC: Must be experienced in photography, they need to go through the probationary status, must be hardworking, friendly and a little ambitious. You should also have that passion and love not just for photography but also for the group.

032: Do you have any requirements when it comes to the type of camera being used?

EPiC: We have no camera preferences. We all enjoy using multiple brands of cameras and on certain occasions we use each other’s camera when the need arises. Personally, I love using Nikon cameras, but that’s just my preference.

032: Do you offer any photography lessons?

EPiC: We share whatever new style we learn, we make it a point to do a general meeting once a month to discuss these things and to synchronize our schedules and activities.

032: Do you have any tips that you can share to those who are aspiring to be photographers or for those who just want to do it out of passion or fun?

EPiC: Sure, the first thing is to read the camera manual. Get to know your camera. Attend workshops, read books and keep on taking as many photos as possible.

032: Describe what a GOOD PHOTO is. What’s the ultimate secret in getting a good photo?

EPiC: A photo that speaks to the viewer and stirs up a feeling or emotion is a good photo. I don’t think there is an ultimate secret or formula in getting a good photo, but surely if you capture an emotion or create a variety of emotions with your photo, you have achieved something.

032: Do you still have any dream projects and sought after personalities to be photographed?

EPiC: I would love the opportunity to work with National Geographic or to be able to take photos of an International Celebrity. The red carpet maybe?  Anything that allows me to travel, because I love travelling. =)

032: Can you cite the pros and cons of being event photographers based on your experiences?

EPiC: The pros of being an event photographer is that you have an All Access pass in and out of an event, even to rubbing shoulders or sharing a meal with Celebrities, Politicians and well known personalities. The Downside is you are not allowed to get star struck. It’s always not easy trying to control yourself from getting an autograph, asking for an email and many other things… It’s not easy… Hahahaha.

Being an event photographer also has the intense challenge of taking photos at 1st instance. There is no 2nd chance. Once you missed the shot, it can no longer be repeated unlike fashion shoots. You need to have the drive and the gusto to capture the moment.

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