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Here’s another one about restaurants with a view.

hi zerothreetwo, I was hoping you can help me come up with a list of restaurants with the best views in Cebu? city skyline view / overlooking.

If you already have that on your blog, kindly direct me to your link. I hope this isn’t too much to ask.




Hi Rusty!

That’s a good question. There’s nothing quite like dining with a beautiful view in front of you. Here’s a quick list of restaurants. We also included links to reviews with photos. Feel free to click through.

La Tegola Busay

For the view, don’t go to the other branches. Make your way up to La Tegola in Busay. It’s the oldest restaurant in this list, but is generally a good recommend overall. You’ll get Italian food at a reasonable price with a spectacular view of Cebu City. Since it’s a bit of a drive up, there likely won’t be many people. You’ll have a nice quiet dining experience.


Delice is another restaurant up in Busay. Our review featured dishes like Eggs Benedict, Roasted Salmon and Tenderloin Steak. The photos look delicious. Make sure to call first and reserve. Ask for a table right next to the balcony to ensure the best views. This restaurant literally used to be a house. The nice homey feel might just be what you are looking for.

Blue Elephant

Good views aren’t left to seaside or mountain restaurants. We’re fortunate to have a few restaurants up on buildings as well. Blue Elephant is situated right smack in the middle of Cebu City ensuring great views. You should try to make it as the sun sets. It’s one of the few restaurants in this list that actually has a view of the setting sun (most of the restaurants face the morning sun). Don’t expect a quiet environment. People like to come here in groups.


view from lantaw cordova

Lantaw Busay or Lantaw Cordova

First let’s talk about Lantaw in general. Good Filipino food at a reasonable price. They are the same group that runs the very successful Mooon Café franchise. You know you are in good hands. But in both branches, expect lots of people, unless you catch them during a slow night.

Lantaw Busay is obvious. Many restaurants in this list will be up in Busay. Generally that’s where you’ll find the best views.

Lantaw Cordova is special because of the Cebu City view. At night, it’s especially precious because of all the bright lights coming from the Cebu skyline. I’m sure Lantaw in SRP is nice as well, but at night, you probably won’t see much from Mactan because of the lack of lights in that area. Cordova gets my vote for this one. (Photo above is view from Lantaw Cordova)

Blu Bar and Grill

If you are looking for something fancy with a good view to boot, don’t look any further than Blu Bar. Situated on the roof top of Marco Polo hotel, they have glass balconies right next to the seating. In the evening, it is downright romantic. Expect a top notch Marco Polo dining experience. Quick note – earlier last year, they announced major renovations to the area. Make sure to call first and ask for status.

Restaurants in SM Seaside City

A few days ago, we dined in Harbour City Dimsum House in SM Seaside, I noticed that they had dining areas right next to the windows. In this restaurant in particular, you would get a view of the sea. I imagine that many of the other restaurants in Seaside feature views like this. Especially considering that there aren’t any buildings beside the mall yet. Right now, you should be able to get views of the sea and the mountains.



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