Let’s face it. Most of us are cynical and downright nasty when talking about elections in the Philippines. The words “beacon of hope” has never been used to describe it. You would be forgiven to associate it more with; dirty, rigged, useless, a circus…

Thankfully there are still people hoping for the better. When we received an email from Bait Nicart, we were inspired by what he said. Here’s an excerpt from the email.

Hi! Padung naman elections so I wanted to share this photo I took. Title – Buy the people, poor the people. How will you cast your votes this year? Will you make an informed decision? Or will you let your pockets decide? Vote wisely! – Bait Nicart

buy th people, poor the people Bait Nicart





Vote wisely.

This inspired us to encourage you to educate yourself and others about who you are voting for.

For the senatorial candidates, GMA News collated the candidate’s views on different hot topic issues. See which senatorial candidates share your views on particular issues. This is a great resource to see which candidates match your views on topics like divorce, cybercrime law, same-sex marriage etc.

We couldn’t find a similar resource for the local candidates. If you know anybody who collated all the data about the candidates, please tell us. We would love to read it.

PS – Share your Philippine Elections photo on the comments below. The good ones get re-posted in ZeroThreeTwo.com. Don’t forget to share a story or comment about the photo. 

Share a link to your photos on the comments below. 

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