It seems like most of you enjoyed the Jimmy Sieczka article. To be honest, we were kinda worried because it was a bit long. In fact we edited one whole section of the interview out. In case you guys are interested, here’s the cut.

032: Could you suggest anything other than the already positive moves the Mayor and his team are doing as we speak?

JS: The first thing that comes to mind is possibly expanding the street and sanitation Departments in the future. What most people don’t know about me is I grew up in a single parent home where my mother was forced to work three jobs to support us and to this day she still works two jobs just to support herself. Yes, even in America you can work for the same company for 30 years and still need to work other side jobs to support a child or even just yourself. So at the age of 14 or 15, I started working summers for the Streets and Sanitation’s Departments in my local neighbourhood so I could have extra pocket money and relieve some of the financial stress on my mother.

Back then in the summer, kids would assist the “Full-Timers” in a variety of different things. We would help cut the lawns in and around the city. If we were too young or inexperienced we would spend the day clipping trees that were hanging into the streets or bagging up grass clippings. On other days, we would drive around on a truck looking for pot holes in the streets and fill them. It was definitely a team effort within the community.

Sometimes the kids, including myself, would be put on a truck during the day and we would go to a gang infested area in my neighbourhood which was and still is called “The Jungle” on Mannheim Road (Google it). We would gather shopping carts and garbage to be properly disposed. While other days, one unlucky kid would be stuck on the “Crapper” which was a truck with a long hose that sucked waste from packed up sewage lines.

I understand that these types of changes can cost a lot of money to be put in place. That goes for any place in the world, not just here in the Philippines. But if you think about the amount of money saved by allowing teenagers to get involved in their communities at a slightly lower wage, the work experience they get from being outdoors and working on different projects, the relationships they build helping one another in their communities, and all of the technical skills they can learn from being on the streets can be pretty invaluable.

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