The night after the earthquake, I heard from Twitter that people were camping out all over Cebu. They were spending the night under the safety of the stars. Many were still scared. Scared that another quake would happen. That maybe the ceiling would buckle and crumble under its own weight. Considering the state of many of our structures, people felt safer outside.

I’m glad turning to the night sky and the stars made people feel better.

Sleeping in IT ParkTo me, the earthquake was a grim reminder of how little control we have of our lives. It reminded me of how fragile everything really is. And that we should spend time with people that matter the most.

Hopefully in some weird way, the earthquake made people realize what was important.

We were going to post something else for today, but we wanted to let you know more about the situation in Bohol.


Before and after: 10 churches in Cebu and Bohol damaged by the earthquake

Most of the damage really happened in Bohol. It’s a shame that many historical and tourism spots were hit. In a sense, Bohol may never be the same again, but this is not the end. I got to know a few Boholanos this past year. One of the things I discovered was that they are as proud of their land and heritage as Cebuanos are. I know they are going to figure out a way to not just rebuild, but to thrive. There’s no doubt in my mind.

Drop Off Points for Bohol Relief Efforts (And Photos of the Damage)

With that being said, let us not forget that they were hit the hardest by the earthquake. There are people all over Bohol who need help. This is a link listing drop off points for relief goods that will benefit Bohol.

For a closer look at the effects in Bohol Here’s a news report attempting to describe the situation.

The situation in Cebu isn’t as grim as Bohol, but think about this for a second. If the earthquake inspired people in Cebu to sleep outside their homes, can you imagine what the folks in Bohol are feeling? 

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